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This is a 72 year old old man. Name AKM Matlubul Haque Tipu Was a government official. He was working as a Deputy Commissioner of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. 

Now it is time to retire. He is a freedom fighter. But there is another identity of this old man that he is a bodybuilder. At this age, he took great care of the body. Regularly go to the exercise.

His son Mim Rafiul Haq, son of the elderly, has left some videos of social activities through social media. Seeing the video, he can understand how he cared for the body even at the age of 72.

Every step of body exercises is very perfect. Older people are never seen when young people are getting better in gymnasiums in Bangladesh. In this context, everyone is seen separately at Matlubul Haque Tipu body study in the gym.


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What is suicide?

Self-destruction means self-destruction. His soul is in great pain and suffering. Ending all the activities of your own life. Many women and men in our country, especially young women, choose to take the path of suicide in order to flee from life. Many women are choosing suicide as a way to escape from family turmoil due to poor family  feuds, havoc on the way to school, childhood failure and fraud, torture-abuse, dowry problems, husband's economic disability, husband's failure and fraud. It is a big mistake, these problems are available in all countries, all nationalities. Suicide is not a fair solution or a proper remedy for these.

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A medical doctor by professional training, Dr Zakir Naik is renowned as a dynamic international orator on Islam and Comparative Religion. He is the President of Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai, India. He is 49 years old. Dr Zakir clarifies Islamic viewpoints and clears misconceptions about Islam, using the Qur’an, authentic Hadith and other religious Scriptures as a basis, in conjunction with reason, logic and scientific facts. He is popular for his critical analysis and convincing answers to challenging questions posed by audiences after his public talks. PEACE TV LIVE

In the last 20 years (by the year 2015) Dr Zakir Naik has Alhamdulillah delivered over 2000 public talks in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Morocco,  Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Guyana (South America), Trinidad, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Maldives and many other countries, in addition to numerous public talks in India. In March 2012, his public talk in Kishanganj, Bihar, in India was MashaAllah attended by over one million people, being one of the largest gathering in the world for any religious lecture by a lone orator.
Among st the billion plus population of India Dr Zakir Naik was ranked No. 82 in ‘The 100 Most Powerful Indians’ list published by Indian Express in the year 2009 and ranked No. 89 in 2010. He was ranked No. 3 in the ‘Top 10 Spiritual Gurus of India in 2009’ and topped this list in 2010. He was ranked in the top 70 list of the ‘500 Most Influential Muslims in the World’ issued annually by Georgetown University, USA, in the years 2011, 2012, 2013/14 and 2014/15.  PEACE TV LIVE
He has successfully participated in several symposia and dialogues with prominent personalities of other faiths. His public dialogue with Dr William Campbell (of USA) on the topic, “The Qur’an and the Bible in the Light of Science” held in Chicago, USA, on 1st April 2000 was a resounding success. His interfaith Dialogue with prominent Hindu Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the topic, “The Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam in the Light of Sacred Scriptures” held at Palace Grounds, Bangalore, on 21st January 2006, was highly appreciated by people of both faiths.
Shaikh Ahmed Deedat, the world famous orator on Islam and Comparative Religion, who had called Dr Zakir “Deedat Plus” in 1994, presented a plaque in May 2000 with the engraving “Awarded to Dr Zakir Abdul Karim Naik for his achievement in the field of Da’wah and the study of Comparative Religion.” “Son what you have done in 4 years had taken me 40 years to accomplish, Alhamdulillah.”
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud presented the prestigious ‘King Faisal International Prize’ - 2015 for ‘Service to Islam’ to Dr Zakir Naik on 1st March 2015 in Riyadh. This prize is the most Prestigious Prize in the Muslim world, similar to the Nobel Prize. The prize consisted of a certificate indicating Dr Zakir’s achievements, a commemorative 24-carat 200-gram gold medal and Saudi Riyals 750,000 (US $ 200,000). The entire prize money was donated by Dr Zakir Naik to the Waqf of Peace TV Network.PEACE TV LIVE
Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, presented the prestigious Dubai International Holy Qur’an Award’s ‘Islamic Personality of 2013’ Award and Citation to Dr Zakir Naik on 29th July 2013, for providing outstanding service to Islam and Muslims at a global level in Media, Education and Philanthropy. Along with he received a reward of UAE Dirhams 1 million (US $ 272,000) which he donated to start a Waqf (endowment) fund for Peace TV Network. Dr Zakir at 47 years then, was the youngest recipient of the award.
The Agong, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, the King of Malaysia, presented to Dr Zakir Naik the highest award of Malaysia the ‘Tokoh Ma’al Hijrah Distinguished International Personality Award for the Year 2013’ for his significant service and contribution to the development of Islam on 5th November 2013. Also presented to Dr Zakir was a citation plaque signed by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Mohd. Najib Razak.
Shaikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, conferred on Dr Zakir Naik the ‘Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work’ for the year 2013, for his voluntary service for Islam on an international scale, on 16th January 2014. 
Dr Yahya Jammeh, the President of the Republic of The Gambia conferred Dr Zakir Naik with ‘The Insignia of the Commander of the National Order of the Republic of The Gambia’ the Highest National Award in The Gambia on 15th October 2014. He was also presented an Honorary Doctorate — ‘Doctor of Humane Letters’ (Honoris Causa) — by the Vice Chancellor of the University of The Gambia, in recognition of his outstanding contribution and dissemination of knowledge in promoting research and delivery of community services internationally.
As of June 2015, Dr Zakir Naik Alhamdulillah received more than 8 million likes on his Facebook Page in less than 2 years, it being not only one of the highest amongst the Muslim English Speakers on Religion but also one of the highest amongst any English Speaker on Religion in the world. YouTube Vice President, Tom Pickett, certified Dr Zakir as ‘awesome’ for his ‘likes’ and ‘popularity’ on YouTube.
Dr Zakir Naik appears regularly on many International TV channels in over 200 countries of the world. He is regularly invited for TV and Radio interviews. Over a hundred of his talks, dialogues, debates and symposia are available on DVDs. He has authored many books on Islam and Comparative Religion. PEACE TV LIVE
Dr Zakir Naik is the ideologue and driving force behind Peace TV Network. He launched Peace TV English, in January 2006, it being the largest watched ‘Islamic’ as well as ‘any Religious’ Satellite TV channel presently in the world, with over 100 million viewership, of which 25% are Non-Muslims. In its footsteps he launched Peace TV Urdu in June 2009, Peace TV Bangla in April 2011 and will In Sha Allah launch Peace TV Chinese in October 2015. ln Sha Allah, he plans to expand the Peace TV Network to cover the ten major languages of the world. 

Peace TV - 24-hours Islamic TV channel broadcasting “Free to Air” state-of-the-art TV Programmes in English and Urdu.

The hijab is worship, prayer like worship. This is the command of Allah. This is undoubtedly very important and timely. Allah said in the Quran, "O Prophet, tell your wives, daughters and the wives of believers, they should hang some parts of their face on themselves. This is the closest approach to identifying them. As a result, they will not be hurt. And Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. "[ Al-Ahzab, Ayat: 59]
We have seen how we have looked around us and how women have become a product of consumer goods and how they have created an irreversible situation in the free and fair society of men and women. Family and social disorder, turmoil, marital disputes and mutual distrust, divorces, and violence against women are one of the main reasons behind the fact-finding and non-women's free gathering.


Trust in Allah is a great matter in Islam. Its importance and dignity are immense. No servant can pass a moment except in the case of Allah. It is also an important worship. Because through this the relationship with Tauhid of Allah is deep and deep. 
Allah says:

And rely on the living being (Allah), who will never die. "[ Furqan-58]

 Hereafter, to rely on God from the heart. The slave will hand over all his affairs to Allah. In faith, it will assure that no one else has the right to be given without giving, benefiting and benefiting only one person.

Allah inspired many believers to Tawakkul and mentioned many verses in the Holy Qur'an. He mentioned his dignity and outcome. Allah says:

If you are a believer then put your trust in Allah. "[Maida - 23]
Believers should rely solely on God. " [ Tattah-51]
Whoever trusts in Allah, He will be sufficient for him. "[ Al-Baqarah 3]
When you will, you will rely on Allah. Surely Allah loves those who trust. "[Al-A'amr-159]

With the trust here, it has been said to fear Allah. And it involves the contents of all the points directed. So, rather than resorting to the instrument, or just not working, only the great type of inability to sit on trust - though it is available in Tawakkul. Therefore, it is not for a servant to convert the burden into helplessness or transform the helplessness into confidence. Rather, he will have confidence in the tools he will adopt.

Anyone who associates with Allah should fall from the sky, then the bird snatched it, or the wind took him away and cast it to a distant place. "( Hajj-31).

He who suffices on Allah, is sufficient for him. "( Al-Baqarq: 3).

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We should really change our lives. Because live without a plan, nothing is available without problems. He who created us has given the right guidance. If you take life according to that direction, then everything will be done right. Joy will come to life In all the bad things, there is no happiness in life. You will surround yourself with frustration. 
 Because you are giving most of the time in life to meet the needs of the body, but what is the need for the need, nothing. If you think the money needs to be drained out of the body and the need. These ideas Just follow the instructions of the person who created you only to meet the needs of self. Peace of all comes when there is peace in the world. What do you think The way you and everyone else lives the worst way of life, that is the real life. No friends That's not the right thought. If you can not find the right direction after considering the intellect, then there is no difference between you and animals. Do you think, this way life will survive. Do not ever You will be forced to change immediately. When you get sick. Feeling helpless You will be on the way to war. People around you will leave you once. Where your strength, arrogance and gravity will be. That person is a wise man who has been practicing Allah in all circumstances. You have made a God, who has always stood beside you as your partner, never deceived. People will need a time to taunt the world. Do you have the power? When you were in your mother's womb, you could do all that. It is not possible for you to control the process that is taking place every day on your stomach. But why are you disobeying God's guidance? If Allah wills, you can punish them for any wrongdoing. But he gives you a chance. Because he loves you. You are the creator of it. You are not the creator of any man made by humans. When the end of your life comes to an end, there will be nothing except despair. Read the Qur'an to get the correct information about these words. Allah has sent man through the prophet to take care of people and to get the right direction in this world.

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Before marrying someone must question yourself. Knowing that the right person has many things to do in survival, in most cases the answer to this question is emotions and feelings dependent. You can find different types of people by learning about different types of people. The important aspect of knowing about human beings is through the process of finding the people you are most comfortable with and comfortably with. As well as increasing the age and mental maturity, a deeper understanding of your personality will also develop.
How much time, labor and money we spend on organizing wedding ceremonies! But I do not do anything for marriage. Why is that so? There is no shortage of speculation in our wedding ceremony. While the essential purpose of celebrating that event, we ignore "commitment" to spend the whole life with another person. A woman told me, 'I got only two months to think about marriage. I fell in love, so did not have time to think about anything else. '

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Allah himself has announced

And he did not make any disturbance to you regarding religion (Quran Al-Hajj: 78).
In all the aspects of religion, Allah gave this trouble-free way of life. Many examples of this can be given. But here's a brief example of two examples.

Iman is the real foundation of Islam. In this matter, Allah has given such discomfiture or exemption that if anyone is afraid of life, because of any pressure or condition, I do not believe in Islam, Allah will not punish him (Quran: Nahl: 106).

It is obligatory to pray. But in many of these, Allah has given a lot of resistance. Sitting in the prayer, lying or standing, earning with gestures, and allowing me to read briefly.

God knows, we humans. We have weaknesses, there are many limitations. In view of this fact, we have given a lot of flexibility in the fundamental issues of Islam. But due to our corrupt and shallow knowledge, we make our Islamic life very difficult and heavy. Our knowledge is often divided and unitary. So, we may have trouble getting into trouble.

In fact, if the extent of knowledge can be increased, then the horizons of the eye are also detailed. As a result, it is easy, beautiful and pleasant to roam in the Islamic world.

Following Islam is not necessarily a problem, if we have good knowledge. Islam certainly does not make trouble in life, but rather reduces trouble.

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Many young people may want to get married because their friends are getting married, some parents are pressurizing, to get married, someone wants to get married for the liberation from family problems. Some people are curious to see someone else's physical beauty or marry because of money. Some find a partner, someone wants to get married to get a strong family support that is possible through a marriage Again, as a Muslim, the Sunnah of the Prophet's wish to marry as a worship.

When two boys and daughters begin to travel with the intention of living with another human being, they need a lot of preparations. They combine the two families, here is a matter of adjusting themselves * with another family. There are many types of characteristic, without which the problem is unnecessary * Single * Life is spent but married is also necessary. So, if there is pressure or tension in the absence of these, no other person will have any responsibility, suffering will happen.
At present, many children are sitting in the middle of the television media and commercials, thinking about marriage to some of the modern dating type. Only endless happiness, blissful joy However, after the marriage, toothbrush can be seen here why, why do the towels, there are differences in the type of small things of type one another, At the beginning of the marriage, due to the overflowing of love, they ignored these, but even after some time, these minor differences of opinion began to become unbearable.

Indeed, there is a need for some mental preparation for family life. I see, love, love, and marry with a smile - these are all wrong thoughts and actions that lead to unhealthy married life. A western psychologist and a council of Marriage Council wrote that she insisted on considering marriage responsibilities before marriage. It is important to accept and keep family and private responsibilities.

The question is, how do you know that you are really ready to get married? And more precisely, how do you make sure that you are ready to marry a specific person you choose? It's important to know yourself if you are ready for a wedding. For this reason, you should sit down to make some personal calculations and identify your own weaknesses and identify your weaknesses. You need to know how God relates to you, and how do you expect God's relationship with your partner?

 Are you really ready to share your life with someone else?
 Are you ready to take responsibility for the formation of your family, to compromise on different issues, work together with the partner / partner, meet your personal and family goals?
 It is important to know what you want to do, to know how much you will contribute to your family after marriage, and to make a healthy, happy family.

To know if you really want to get married and are ready to get married, the pre-wedding knowledge is very important. Some knowledge and ideas can be known about how a relationship might be after marriage, due to this effort. Pre-Marital Counseling is done regardless of religion in the Western world.

Insha Allah, you can find out the reason for urging you to increase the relation between you and Allah. Most people also see what they are - before they understand that they marry, there are many complications, it has a role in the back of uncomfortable family relationships.

Your speech, vocabulary = total communication skills
Calculate the budget and the money
Restraining anger
How to handle it with someone else's problem
If you are concerned about the solution, you are ready to solve
These are all very essential qualities for marriage. So, if possible, it should be counseled with someone if possible.
Before choosing one's life, one needs to keep in mind, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

"Women can be married in front of four things: her wealth, her heritage, her beauty, and her religion. In this case, be victorious for the righteous wife, and your hand will be filled with good. "[Bukhari and Muslim] - [5].

Tolerance is very important when two new people start living together after marriage. Everyone basically only thinks about their * received * or * desires *, and therefore there is a possibility of being irritable.

Family is the most important institution of the whole world. Anarchy in the Muslim society will be created if there is unrest in the family. If there is no peace in the family, it creates the possibility of falling. If there is no peace in the family, then members can become indifferent and inadequate to observe the responsibilities of their religion. And so, this decision is very important.

Let the Muslim youths do not jump to love, to protect the character for the sake of the world and the hereafter, to control the mind, to control the mind. To be a successful believer, it is important to keep yourself calm. [4] Along with this, praying for God in prayer is necessary. A beautiful couple are: "Rabbana hublana min azwazina wa zuriyatina kakurata ayunin wa jaalna lil muttakkina imama".

Meaning: "Our Lord, grant us the comfort of our eyes from our wives and our offspring, and make us an example for the righteous." [Surah Furqan: 74]

May Allah bless our Muslim brothers and sisters, have mercy on them, make them worthy of Allah's good pleasure. With the formation of a beautiful beautiful family, the Muslim Ummahshould be free from the corruption of the people, and the new Muslim community will be able to offer the true religion to the new generation. May Allah bless us all.

Dear reader,

The goal of this message is to call you to think deeply about the purpose of our survival on earth and tell you about your situation in the afterlife. What will you gain in Paradise (heaven) or hell (hell)? Please note that, when you have finished reading this message, you will be regarded as a person to whom the message of Islam has reached, so you can not present excuses to the Creator in the Hereafter that you did not know.

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Poverty and abundance are two opposite words, but in human life, two are involved in darkness and light. This is the rhythmic presence of abundance, and after some time the unpredictable of poverty. For some, the palatial beauty house. There is a huge assortment of all kinds of tools. 
Again, some people have to work hard to break the bones, but there is no guarantee of two quarters of rice. The situation of the two worlds is the creation of the wise son of the grandfather. Probably the main mystery of the creation of two unequal sections of worship Poor one patience. Both are specially worshiped by Allah. Both of them are the sunshine system to achieve the proximity of the great Lord Almighty. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

The matter of the believer is very surprising. Everything in it is good for him, and it is for the sole believer. If his happiness comes, prosperity is achieved, then express gratitude. This is good for him. Again, if a bad day comes when poverty is attacked, it can be beneficial for him by being patient (Muslim: 7425).

What is needed to realize is that this wealth is not the crop of its own achievement, but it is the source of the mercy and will of the Most High. So firstly he must be grateful to him wholeheartedly. Under no circumstances will he be forgotten. Do not show disdain for his prohibition. His will will be preferred to his will. He has to dissolve his will to his claim. Allah Said :

Do not let the Believers forget your wealth and children to neglect you from the remembrance of Allah. Those who are unnecessary because of this, they are the victims (Quran : Munafiqun-9).

It is clear from the verse that the people are afraid that wealth will turn people away from Allah, so believers should be ever alert. It can not be any kind of asset to isolate him from his creator. The wealth of wealth can not suppress the claim of Allah. And that is possible only when the wealthy person will have knowledge of this wealth as the grace of Allah.

Regarding Allah's command concerning wealth, keep trying hard to keep them in your place and keep in mind that the speed should not change due to the abundance. Do not spend money in an unlawful and unethical way. Rather, the command of Allah should be kept in the right place. Allah said,

The rights of their property are entitled and the deprived ones. (Gariyat-19).

To understand the issues that will be helpful in observing the order of Allah at this stage. And it is to remember the goodness of the expenditure of the expenditure of the expenditure of the Qur'an and Sunnah, and the evil consequences of quarreling without spending. Allah said :

Believers have been successful, those who are humble in their prayers, who are in vain discourse, who pay Zakah. (Muminun: 1-4).

And those who accumulate gold and silver and do not spend in the way of Allah, give good tidings to their tyrannical chastisement, on the day the fire will be heated in the fire, and with it their foreheads, sides, and backs will be burnt. (And it will be said) that you have stored them for yourself. So taste it and keep it stored. (Towba: 35).

By expressing sympathy:

A common thoughtful person can see the scene when he looks at the current situation.

Due to poverty, it is often seen that a large portion of the population is starving for half an hour.

* A notable part is death without any treatment.
Because of poverty, struggling to survive by selling chastity to the most honorable mother society. The most hated act of prostitution is a significant part of the profession. As a result, the death of syphilis, severe adipose with the Gangetic AIDS, is increasing with the highest degree of humanism.

* Based on the interest-based domestic and international organizations, the lot is seen in the public. Not being able to pay the interest payment, selling the soil in the house and being involved in the homeless is also seen as many.

* The news has been published in the newspapers because some people are taking immunity on the basis of faith.

* At this opportunity, many international forums called poverty reduction, in the name of help of various names in the country opening up the name of the development of non-consensual development. As a result, being studied in the name of culture is nudity, obscenity and misbehavior. In the name of free culture, sexually oriented movies, fashion shows, concerts etc are taking place through centuries of civilized culture, tradition, modesty, vulgarity, and shamelessness.

Capitalizing on poverty reduction slogans, the name of the business of interest is the present day interest. In order to pay the installments, the poorest of the poor and the poor people gradually become calm and the opportunity to build the mountains of abundance is the greedy forum. Capitalizing poverty, the name of the expansion of the education, in their religious beliefs, is condemning thousands of Muslim children. Therefore, the child who was supposed to be human was inspired by the love of God, the faithful believing Muslim, the child is the name of modern and the atheist, the atheist in the name of modernism. As a result, a huge opportunity to build a permanent residence in our country is a great power of supremacy. If this trend continues, we will see in the near future that we are Muslims in our own country. In a word, due to poverty today, our faith and freedom are threatened. Let's take a look at the current situation of our country. Due to poverty, due to various wrong and unfair demands of the government, the government has to help and take loans, the government can not independently manage the state according to the needs of the people. The pressure of donors on the other hand, the demand of the public on the other side, the government is seen to be embarrassed often. Due to the demands of the donors, the people became angry with the people, the dissolution of the people increased, the government decided against the public, due to the determination of the people to prevent the development of obstruction and obstacles. Law and order deterioration occurs. Result of creating anarchic situation in the intermediate session failed state.

Recently, the government of Bangladesh has to take strict vigil against religious organizations and personalities spreading some unusual incidents. As a result, unrest among the allies was created. The crackdown about the government's popularity decreased.

In addition, various acts of sabotage increased. The government has to face pressure. The need to support the foreign community is felt if the ABA votes go. As a result, the argument and demand of slavery is strengthened so that the anti-Islam roles should be taken more forcefully. The government has to give such a slave to the government under obligation. As a result, the road to development of Islamic values ​​will be further narrowed. Such examples apply to all the world's Muslim poor states. And at the core of this, there is a significant role in poverty. The whole thing is being obstructed due to poverty Our Independent Values Due to poverty today our domestic and religious identity threatens. Therefore, it will be very costly to delay the effective steps taken by the human and religious values. Under such circumstances, wealthy people can play a significant role in preventing this mistake. They will get food without getting help from their sympathy.

Allah has enjoined the same zakat in the wealth of the wealthy Muslims, which is enough to meet the needs of their poor. The hardships of the poor Muslims are having trouble and having niceties. This made them rich. Listen, Allah will make their account difficult, and punish them with a painful punishment.

If the Hadith clearly shows that there is no poverty among the Muslims, if they earn Zakat properly. What is the most important example of this horoscope in Zakat's role in poverty reduction? May Allah give us all the responsibility to fulfill our responsibilities.

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1.Muslims worship Ka'bah

Ka'bah  Muslims 'Qibla' Muslims regard them as a guide in their prayers. It is worth mentioning here that Muslims do not worship the Ka'bah as they face the Ka'bah in their prayers. The worshiper of that house is invisible by Allah, the invisible. Muslims used to map the first world map. Their picture was in the south and the north was lower. Then the Ka'ba was at the center point. Later on, the western map makers painted the map of the world below and the bottom is above the top, that is, the answer is upward and the south is at the bottom. Alhamdulillah also, in this regard, the "Ka'bah Maps Center went from the point".
When the Muslims went to Makkah to go to Makkah, they performed 'Tawaf'. That is, the Ka'bah circled around the house and circled around. The work is one of the signs of Allah and belief in worship. Each circle is round and has one center point. Therefore, there is only one God who is worthy of worship, this is one of his signs.

Thursday, January 10, 2019


By presenting some dishonest businessmen and mischief-makers, freelance sex and pornography, currently creating the worst fears among the Muslims. They are declaring war with the injunction of Allah and His Messenger by publishing very harmful and serious pornographic magazines, magazines and magazines. They are calling people on the pages of these newspapers and sexually obscene pornography and sexually transmitting pornography. Figures have shown that these newspapers are promoting the activities of mischief, wickedness, sexual immorality, and the preaching of Allah and His Messenger's forbidden deeds and insinuating these things.
Smoking is a mausoleum for the whole world. So today the movement against smoking around the world is going on. Millions of people around the world are being consumed by smoking and day after day destroys good health. Burning billions of millions of money every year. Millions of people are dying of smoking and other diseases including cancer. Some are survivors of many killer diseases, they are helplessly living in human society.
Starting from the loss of life energy, brain, lungs and heart, smoking causes innumerable and innumerable damage to the human world. All kinds of harm are caused by physical, mental, moral, financial and psychological, and simultaneous smoking. All people living with themselves, family members, mates, fellow traveler and classmates harm the smoker. Side-by-side babes, pregnant baby and frogs, seminal sperm, future descendants and countries and nations. Therefore, the people of all walks of the world are trying hard to save people from the smell of smoking.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Fundamentalism: The fundamentalist is said to believe that it is a fundamental concept or belief that fully abides. If a person wants to be a surgeon, he must literally and deeply follow the knowledge of medicine. If you want to be an individual mathematician, he must believe in basic mathematical science and follow it. That is, he must be a fundamentalist in the field of mathematics. To be a good scientist, a person should know the basic formulas and issues of science, act on it and apply it to a person's life.
Not every fundamentalist is the same: all fundamentalists should not be included in the same queue. And nobody can say all the fundamentalists unilaterally good or bad. They are classified based on a fundamentalist belief or ethics. A fundamentalist thief or robber damages the society through his work and, naturally, is undesirable. On the other hand, a fundamentalist doctor devoted himself to the welfare of the society. So his fundamentalism is desirable.

First of all, pride is a hated characteristic that is a feature of Iblis and his companions, those people whose hearts Allah sealed or sealed. The first thing that was proud is that he is cursed Iblees Satan, to Allah and His creatures. When Allah ordered him to prostrate Adam (A), then he was proud and refused to prostrate.
Iblis said, "I am better than him, you have made me out of the fire and made him from the ground", Allah said, "And of course, I created you, then made the shape shaped, then I told the angels, prostrate to Adam, then Everyone bowed down to Adam, except Iblis, he was not involved in prostrating. "Allah said," When I gave instructions Prostrated seemed not to? Iblis said, "I am better than him, you created me from the fire and created him by dust" [al-Araf; 7: 11-12]

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Allah will say the least punished on the Day of Resurrection, if the whole earth had wealth, would you try to get rid of this torment in exchange for the whole of the world? He will say, yes. Allah will say, while Adam was in love, I had ordered a simple matter that he would not associate anything with me. But you have disobeyed it and associated with me. "(Bukari).
The description of the Qiyamat in the Qur'an in the Qur'an differs in many different ways. But the main objectives and objectives of these descriptions are to bring humanity back to the unbelief of the present. The unique reminder of the virtues, mercy, revelation, sorrow and chastisement of the Qur'an. For this, the great condemnation of the Qiyamat, the horrific roar, the scary environment, and the promise that the reward and punishment will be implemented will be implemented. Then some conditions of the implementation moment have been described that the criminals will try to get comfort by expressing their long life time of misdemeanor. At one point, the culprits will go for the protection of Allah's severe punishment in return for all the riches of the earth. These things have been presented briefly in the above verse. For the sinful disbelievers, there are chains, bands, and hell. And for the believers and the worshipers, they are inexhaustible, which they can not imagine. About them,

Qiyamat is the implementation and symbol of the miraculous power of Allah Almighty. In view of the extreme interest of the world to know about the horrific environment of the Qiyamat, Allah's time has been kept secret. No prophet or angel also knows its impending duration. But many people of the common people, especially the Umayyad Muhammad, have expressed their interest to know the matter again and again, Allah has conveyed the message of preserving the confidentiality of the people in different ways.
Allah said,

People ask you about Qiyamat. Say: It is in the knowledge of Allah. How do you know that it may be possible soon? ' (Quran: Ahazab 63).

Monday, January 7, 2019


I never felt the eagerness to find Allah.
When there was nothing to do, I used to spend time looking at any old book or building. I never imagined I would be Muslim. I did not even want to become a Christian. I had a great disgust for any institutional religion. I did not think of any ancient book that would guide my way of life. Even if someone asked me to take a religion with millions of dollars, I would have denied it directly. One of my favorite writers was Burton Russell. According to him, religion is a little better than superstition, generally harmful to people, although there are also positive things about it. He believed that religion and religious perspectives blocked the path of knowledge, increased fear and reliance. Moreover, religion is largely responsible for the war, torture and misery in our world. I thought, I'm fine without religion. I wanted to prove that religion is a fraud. I thought of doing the planned work to humiliate religion. 'Yes, I am a Muslim now.'
Today I want to hear about your life before and after starting my hijab. I was a 20-year-old Muslim girl born in the Arabian Gulf region-in the early homeland of Islam. I believed that the hijab was not an important thing. Even if my mother used to wear hijab, she did not force me or my sister to read it. He thought the work should be self-motivated, or else we would leave the hijab out of its cover. I think the idea is somewhat correct.
Or when we grow up, the hijab reading will seem very difficult to us. Because it is very difficult to get used to it all the time and then suddenly it can be very difficult to change it. It takes a long time to change the mind. However, I loved to represent myself beautifully because I was very interesting to see. And that was the most difficult part. I loved buying expensive costumes, and I liked to decorate myself with them. I used to enjoy everybody looking at me and specifically marked me. I love to hear the praise - my daughter is beautiful beautiful

After the completion of my secondary level education, I decided to go to America for higher education. There I noticed an issue which I have never seen before. It is Muslim society and community. This is a remarkable society which is practicing Islam with the ideal Muslims, in a different way than I am used to. Muslims in the Arab Gulf region were born as Muslims. They do not have to ask any questions because everything is very obvious. We did not have to worry about our own beliefs and how to believe in God, because we grew up as Muslims and all around us were Muslims. We did not have any idea about the nature of true Islam and how it feels to live in a mixed society with all kinds of religions. I realized that the people of the Gulf did not practice pure religion, which was a mixture ofreligion and culture. I discovered - many, which I thought was Islamic, actually have cultural beliefs and they are often the worst mistakes I found out that pure Islam is not what we grew up in, but it was full of meaningless, which is part of our culture for a long time. The source of pure Islamic education is only Quran and Sunnah.

When American people came to know that I was a Muslim, they always asked me questions about Islam. Most of the time I could not answer them. As a result, I started to do Islamic books and internet bazaars, and I wanted to learn pure Islam - hope to know pure Islam. My condition was like someone who never heard of Islam before. I learned a lot of things which I did not know before. I started going to the mosque and started to talk to many brothers and sisters about Islamic and take part in the discussion. I can swear that in my own country, I never went to a mosque and did not think about it. Although there were thousands of mosques in my country. Without me, all the sisters in the mosque would be wearing hijab. Other than me, all were American. They were very generous about me and I respected them so much. I started thinking about it forever and had a lot of dream about reading my hijab. I suddenly started experiencing a strange feeling - and instead of looking at someone looking at me, I felt resentful. I felt like a picture of myself which had no brain or heart. Finally, I decided to start the hijab. This is the greatest decision taken in my life. For the first time in my life, I felt that I am a strong man. I work according to what I believe. I do not care what the people around me say about me or look at me.

The first day after the reading of the hijab was the most beautiful. I have never felt as happy and liberal as I did on that day. And it was incredible for friends and relatives that I could do it and everyone said that it would not last long for me. Perhaps their guess is one of the many factors that still help me to continue reading the hijab. I had to fight for myself because of this. I always love this world's life and I want to enjoy it best. But the time had come to stop him and I did it. After some days everyone started looking at me with respect as they have never seen before. Everyone started to believe me so deeply that they knew that I was a godly person. This concept was born in the midst of them? -Hijab

I can go anywhere and no one looks at me like I am a picture or dead body. However, I still wear beautiful clothes and dress up, when I was just in my sisters and it was more fun-clean entertainment .

I believe that Allah has compulsory Hijab to help us, to make our life easier. It helps a respectable bridge between men and women. Besides, it is a matter of giving up its beauty to itself and to those whom Allah has permitted only. It is a symbol of all other religions that I am a Muslim Just as the Jews take a small cup on their heads and Christians cross later. None of them feel ashamed to read it publicly. No human has a bad idea about this.

A girl becomes a hijab to prevent it from falling into a false or unlawful act. The woman who falls in the hijab is so determined that she can do anything and face any problem in the way of life. Everyone around you will believe in you because you believe in yourself. Do not you know that your external aspects are very important? Do not you know it very valuable? You do not need anybody to tell you that beautiful, because you know it. And you do not need anybody to look at you in such a way that you do not have a beautiful picture, because you are a man.