Friday, September 14, 2018


Fight those in the way of God who fight you but do not be aggressive God does not like aggressors. And fight those (who fight you ) whosesoever you find them and expel them from the place they had turned you out from. Oppression is worse than killing. Do not fight them by the Holy Mosque unless they fight you there. Such is the requital for unbeliever’s. but if they desist God is forgiving and kind. Fight them till sedition comes to end and the law of God (Prevails). If they desist then cease to be hostile except against those who oppress 
(Bakara : 190-193).There was a token in the armies which clashed (In the battle  of Badr) one fighting for God, the other of unbelievers who saw with their  own eyes the faithful to be two times as many as they for God reinforces with his help whomsoever he will. In this is a lesson for those who have eyes (Imran: 13).Let not those who are men of plenty and means among you swear that they will not give to their relatives and the poor and those who leave their homes in the service of God. They should forgive and overlook (their failings). Would you not like God to forgive you? And God is forgiving and kind (Nur: 22).If you have to retaliate do so the extent you have been injured but if you forbear it is best the those who bear with fortitude (Nahol: 126).Every people need to be remove all frustrate issue by life plan quotes.

If the hypocrites and perverts and the rumour-mongers of Madinah do not desist even now. We shall rouse you against them, So they would not be able to live but a short time in the city with you. Accursed they would be seized wherever found and slam mercilessly. Such was the law of God among those before you and will not find any change in the law of God (Ahjab: 60-62).It is he who drove those among the people of the book who refused to believe from their home for the first confrontation. You did not think that they would go away and they imagined that their forts would protect them against God. Bud God came upon them from where they did not suspect and filled their hearts with terror, so that they destroyed their homes with their own hands (or were destroyed) by the hands of believers. So take heed, O men of sight. Had God not decreed the expulsion for them, He would have punished them in this world. And in the next the punishment of hell would have been theirs. For they had opposed God and his opposite and whosoever opposes God them God is severe in retribution. The palm trees that you cut down or left standing intact was by Gods dispensation, So that he might disgrace the transgressors
( Hasor: 2-5).O prophet, fight the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be severe with them. Their abode is hell an evil destination ( Tahrim: 9).     Every people need to be remove all frustrate issue by life plan quotes.

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