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Zakat is a very important topic in Islam. Among the five pillars of Islam, Zakat is included. Zakat has been made obligatory on every believer. If he has the power to give zakat. Therefore, we should know and obey some of the teaching words of Zakat, and should share the other Muslim brother. She is benefited. We do not neglect Zakat. Allah says about Zakat in the Qur'an where prayer is mentioned. Akimus Salat Ozuz Zakat. Set up prayers and pay zakat. Zakat has been mentioned in the Quran in total 82 places. Zakat obligatory work in Islam. Allah says, there is someone who will lend to Allah. Instead Allah will reward him with a great deal. 
Allah tests people with wealth, he spends money properly in any way. Therefore, those whom Zakat is responsible for, those who do not neglect to give Zakat. Those who were not obliged to pay Zakat, may Allah also spend in the streets. Because if God is poor, then Allah is happy. Evil was asked, who are your beloved friends? Evil answered, three types of people are my dear friends.
1. That man drinks alcohol 2 Crush man 3 That excessive anger is too much. If these three things are in a human being, then the devil means teachers to him. Assimilation of wealth to a believer is more than happy to give wealth as much pleasure as possible. Assigning a donation gives a kind of hormone to the brain, which gives peace to all the body. Zakat men and women are obliged to all. If a woman has gold of Zakat, then she should pay Zakat to the woman. If she has no right to her husband on her gold. If the woman gives her husband's right over her gold, then she will have to carry her son Zakat Zakat. Even after spending his wealth behind his family, he will receive his reward from Allah. If he does not pay Zakat properly, he will never go to Paradise. Allah says that the zakat does not give, its wealth will be warmed and poured into the body. Therefore, we have done Zakat properly and purified the property. I earn halal and leave haram. Because those who earn illumination, they declare war with Allah and His Messenger directly. Without spending all resources for their own needs, we give wealth to the poor. This will increase the wealth. If the rich are poor, the girls of the poor become auctioned. It is difficult for rich people to not give wealth properly and to live poor lives.

Hadith-01: Musa the Prophet asked Allah, what does Allah do when you are upset about the people. Allah said, when I am disheartened, it gives excessive rain, the king gives responsibility to the tyrannical people, and the property belongs to the beggars. If you are happy, gives rain, send guest at home, donate daughter. Therefore, let us increase Zakat properly and increase our wealth and please God.
Provision in Islam about Zakat: If you have a savings of 1 year's profit, you will have to pay the amount of gold, if you have less than seven and a half, you should pay Zakat.
Zakat Source: Zakat Amount If Banks and NGOs are included in any scheme but you have to pay zakat. Trade will not be paid on Zakat on trade, used cars and inadequate land. If the amount of money is equal to the wife, then the zakat has to be paid. But the wife does not give up, and the husband has the ability to buy and sell his gold, and then should be payed Zakat on the gold.
Fault: If the zakat gives, the wealth is increasing and refined. Allah will multiply as much as the welfare of the Zakat. The road to Paradise will be easy and will be an indefinite blessing in Paradise. Which never thought.
If the Zakat is not given, Allah will reduce the wealth. Various problems will arise. Will be thrown into hell. In Hell, he will swallow his wealth and pour it on his body.
O people, eat on the earth lawful and sacred things. Do not follow the devil. Because Satan is your manifest enemy (Baqarah: 168).
Indeed, those who disbelieve and disbelieve in disbelief, the curse of Allah's angels and the entire human being on those people (Baqara: 161).

The words of Allah Said: "They were commanded to worship Him alone with pureness in obedience to Allah and to establish prayer, to pay zakat. And this is the right religion. "(Surah Baihanah 98/5)

The last thing you want to do is choose the road, showing the way of Allah. The road that Satan has shown The choice is yours The result is Paradise and hell.

Hadith-02Narrated by Jarir bin'Abdullah al-Bajali (Razi). He said, "I have taken the oath of allegiance to Allah's Messenger , praying for Zakat, and wishing for the good of all Muslims." (524, 1401, 217, 274, 275, 7204; Muslim 1/3 Hah 56, Ahmad 3281)
It was narrated from 'Tulhah bin' Ubaydullah (raci.) He said, "A Najdas came to Allah's Messenger" His hair was shaky We could hear the gentle voice of his words, but we could not understand what he was saying. In this way, he came closer and asked about Islam. The Messenger of Allah said, "Five times a day prayer". He said, 'Do I have more prayers besides this?' He said: 'No, but you can pay the nafl.' "The Messenger of Allah () said," Ramadan's fasting. "He said, 'I have more fasts than me?' He said, 'No, but you can make a profit.' The narrator said that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) told him about Zakat. He said, 'There is more about me?' He said: 'No; But you can give it as a reward. 'The narrator said,' That person went away; 'I swear by Allah', I will not do more or less. '"The Messenger of Allah said," He will be successful if he speaks the truth. "(1891, 2678, 6956; Muslim 1/2, 11, Ahmad 1390 )

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