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The biggest problem of the people of Bangladesh is poverty. Most people of Bangladesh are fighting with poverty every day. And 20% of those people are defeated by poverty. There will be discussions about the difficulties of the people suffering from poverty and the reasons for poverty. It is not a speech like a political leader. They will discuss the lives of the oppressed people and their lives are in any way.
Poverty, though it is easy to say the word, but when this word is set up with a human being, then the romance story of trouble begins. Where there is no possibility of getting help and cooperation. For example, starting with the story of the life of a little child. Through this story we will find the cause of poverty in Bangladesh. The child's name is Baby. When Baby was born, seeing the eyes open and dirty smell around her and blue sky above. But that sky should not be with him. After a while the rain started The mother took her to the edge of the abandoned big manhole pipe inside the field. He spent the night there in a lot of trouble, the fox and the dog's call around. The dawn is now needed by baby milk. She is not getting the mother's milk. The child has a father but his father has come from time to time. Now his father does not know that his child was born and knew nothing at all. Baby to cry further, her mother forced to go out in the market with a sick body to begged. If you get some help, he will buy cow's milk, clothes and medicine. The story of the child's pain began. When the child learned to understand, the pain began to grow around him. Because the last thing was his mother, no one knows where the mother left her. Now she needs to find herself in food, clothes and shelter. Poverty does not leave him. 
The Baby started seeking help from the people, but she did not get any food in her stomach. Even if you see delicious food in the food store, nobody will feed him, it is also not possible. After such a life has passed, when he is adult, then the level of hardship is more. Because Baby character is poor, does not know how to study, does not have the ability to work. Only he can ask for help, but at this age no one will help him. Now that he understands, I have to do some work now. If not, I'll die. Being impotent, he started working at the hotel, but the misfortune could not work in the hotel for more than a reason, because there was no one known to the hotel owner Babi, he would have killed him unjustly. In the next, he joined the work of buying and selling plastic bottles. As soon as he grew, he developed himself as a worthy worker. There are many children's incidents in the lives of poor people in Bangladesh, which are more painful. As a grown-up man, he did not get anything from family love, social status, health, food, clothes, shelter and education. Now the important question, who will give the baby to? The simple answer was his parents but his parents were poor. Then his parents are responsible, but not. The real reason is that the bad mindset of other people is coming next. Let's think. It seems that at least 20% of the people living in Bangladesh are living below poverty. There are several ways to solve it. Which is presented below.

1. People have the desire to love.
2. Have a mind to help.
3. To know about the rules of Islam.
4. They need to be treated better.
5. Poverty should not be remembered for their lives.
6. By giving false assurance to political leaders, budget and technical education for them.
7. They have to bring them out of various bad things and bad habits.
8. They have the opportunity to be good.
9. Accommodation, education and treatment will be arranged.
10. After all, if we are all busy and want to end poverty from Bangladesh, then people living below poverty will have to come.

Islamic Statement: In Bangladesh, the majority of the people behind poverty, do not follow the Islamic law properly. Its main reason is not to take interest on interest. In accordance with the Islamic system, both of the people of interest paid and taken pledged to fight with Allah and Rasul. The biggest fact is that most of the interest companies in USA have been the biggest losses for business in Bangladesh. Following the USA system, many interest institutions have been established in Bangladesh. According to them, to be competent, to take F, and to get involved with interest, you must destroy your faith. About 90% of the families in Bangladesh are now involved in interest. As a result, they are unable to pay F at the next. More poverty came in that position than it was. Finally, his place went to the auction. Therefore, whoever disobeys the rule of Islam, they will be destroyed.

Character and corruption: In most cases, due to bad people's behavior in Bangladesh, due to bad progress, they are going to deteriorate. The government and the private sector are involved in criminal corruption. Everyone is involved in corruption in their position. In Bangladesh, most of the government employees and workers are responsible for poverty. Because most comrades and employees perform their responsibility with neglect. Due to the large manpower of a man, the progress of Bangladesh is decreasing day by day. As a result, poverty is increasing. The amount of money that is budgeted every year for the development of Bangladesh, due to corruption, does not apply properly and the work that is allocated for the work is not correct. The budget was made several years later for the same work. Thus, a large amount of money goes away every year to a class of people. This resulted in the loss of the country, the loss of people and the increase in poverty. The character of the people responsible for poverty in Bangladesh has become bad and excessive corruption. Because no bad thoughts do not work in him. He accepts the worst as well. Every year the total budget of the budget is determined by the scope of corruption. If the calculation is done according to the correct amount of work, there is no scope for building big budget.

Lack of shortage: The population of Bangladesh increasingly increasing. Many people think that the population is increasing which is causing poverty in Bangladesh. It's a complete misconception. The biggest power manpower behind the country's development But, despite the misfortune, the political parties of Bangladesh are indifferent to how they use this manpower. As a result, they talk of reducing manpower. If they think positively and create the right plan, then the poverty of Bangladesh will be greatly reduced. Another major problem is importing foreign goods without using domestic products. As a result, those local organizations are unable to do business due to the necessity, they are locked at one time. Business owners are not able to do business right because of an organization that is doing business right, but due to various acts of political vendetta and government mischief and various complications. Increasing poverty rates has increased. A little vegetable businessman, he is doing business with people in false ways. The character of most people in Bangladesh is going from bad to lower labels to lower labels. How can poverty from the country be?

Political reasons: The main cause of poverty in Bangladesh is political parties. Most of the leaders in the political parties in Bangladesh are illiterate, inefficient, inefficient and businessmen. It is not possible by any leader to eradicate the developed country and poverty. Because these leaders talk about the people to meet their needs. Although there are some skilled leaders, they are not allowed to work independently. The huge amount of political budget is going to one level. They are preparing their own resources abroad. Which is a very harmful aspect for the country. Because of political leaders, many banks are in debt crisis. Because they are dying to show different types of projects. With the increase of taxes in different sectors every year for political reasons, the daily commodity purchases are not controlled by the people. It is seen that the lower class goes to the worse position and the number of people are increasing. Because the income of the low income people earn daily, it is impossible to meet their needs from time to time. Therefore, political parties should not give place to uneducated, inefficient and incompetent leaders. If possible reduce the rate of poverty in Bangladesh.

Technology: Bangladesh technology is moving forward in the direction of the fact that it is true and the system of stealing easily helped with the ever-true technology. Some political leaders should be given the grandfathers, they have been updating the technology in their efforts. So that people's work is more easy and better. But the problem is that the public and private sector departments suffer from corruption. For example, corruption can be found in the health ministry and under the government medical college hospitals. There are several private companies in each government medical college hospital. Those who work in government medical college hospitals are involved in comity and demand for goods. The demand was sent to the Health Ministry secretary through the director and principal. Secretary to release signature Because everyone gets paid for the work. So, understanding how the country's economy is going to one class. After setting up the technology, it is not properly trained. Even if trained, they are not monitored. How poverty will stop in Bangladesh, when the vast majority of the country's resources are being ruined by corruption. If they are properly monitored, the public welfare of the possible people if the environment is properly applied. Then ADB and the World Bank will not need to take a loan.

Efficient Manpower: Another reason for poverty in Bangladesh is not to evaluate skilled manpower. Because many talented manpower is going abroad every year for corruption. They do not get the shortcomings according to their talents. If these manpower could be used for the sake of the country, then improvement and corruption from all sectors of the country would have been reduced. People would have benefited, poverty would have been eliminated.
It is understood by the above issues that poverty in Bangladesh is increasing every day. If this is going on, the story of Baby is discussed, people of this nature will grow more in society. Maybe you have not gone in this situation but your next generation will move to that place. In my opinion, to first get rid of poverty, we should change our vision. Before that you have to make changes. It is not always possible to change the story of love, singing and passion. Want to get the right education The Qur'an and Hadith There is no other tool to change itself. When you live outside of the Qur'an and Hadith, the bad things will seem right to you and it is possible for you to do all the bad things. The love for the country needs to end poverty. To learn love for the country, there is no better medium than the life of a prophet. The people of Bangladesh should reject the government, in fact, it must be changed before the people, If possible, solve various problems including poverty in Bangladesh possible. If someone is hurt in my words, forgive me and if you have any thoughts, please comment and mail.

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