Tuesday, November 20, 2018


To be healthy, there is no alternative except to get rid of tiredness and wake up early in the morning.
A researcher in the UK said that those who have developed the habit of awake at night, they have been involved in various diseases in the following parasite. Those who wake up late in the morning, their premature pulp rate is more than that. Bachelor researchers have researched people over 4 goals.

There is a proverb, early sleeping early and early morning wakefulness and good health resources. UK researchers testify on the prove.
Their demand for those who go to sleep late in the night and rise late in the morning, their premature mortality rate is higher.
We see those who sleep regularly late and get up late in the morning, their average life expectancy is less than 7 years younger than regular people.

1. Regularly got up in the morning.
2. Occasionally in the morning.
3. Sleeping occasionally late.
4. Regularly wake up at night.

There are four types of people who are doing research. In order to participate, about 4.83 million people in the United Kingdom from 38 to 73 years old.
They say that those who regularly get up early in the morning have their lowest rate of mortality rate. And those who run in irregularities, these risks continue to grow. Those who have awakened from night to night, they accept 90 percent of mental illness. 30 percent of diabetes is related to the disease and there are many neurological problems in later life. So do not use mobile laptops while sleeping and sleeping regularly for healthy living.

According to Islam religion

The Prophet said, you will sleep as soon as possible as you eat food at night and get up early in the morning, it will be good for you. All the work of the Prophet was taught and educated for the people.
So, because we are healthy sleep regularly and wake up early.

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