Thursday, November 1, 2018


The road to our life is crossing. Every day, I am doing good and evil things. Have you seen it? In the last era, most people in the world are living in bad deeds. He is a Muslim or non-Muslim Why does not a great torment come from Allah after such a bad action? Therefore, we want to prove the above issues with a little discussion and logic.
Let's take a look at the past incident. There is no greater proof than that of the Prophet's life. At the last moment of the Prophet's life, Gabriel said that the Prophets asked for permission to come inside the house. The Prophet allowed. Gabriel said that the Prophet told you to be the first man in the world, permission to enter your house. Asked to give salam and come if you want to come, and if you do not want to come. After listening to the Prophet, Gabriel said, "Gabriel, you know Allah, how will I treat the Ummah after I die." Gabriel Allah said, "After your death you will be given special mercy with your Ummah." Millions of duroods and salam on the Prophet.

In the above small events, we have learned a lot of topics. How much does the Prophet love his Ummah The Prophet knew his two grandsons (Hasan and Hussein). Hassan can die poison, Hossain can fight Then he did not pray to Allah for their tragic death. Until the time of the death, the thought of the welfare of the Ummah. If the Prophet did not pray to Allah for his Ummah, then we would have become like monkeys and fish for our sins before us. The chastisement of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Prophet Lot. The Penalty came upon the people of Aad, Thamud, Fir'aun and Namrud. That was our result. The bad deeds of those people were punished. That's going on in the same bad way. Buddhism, injustice to parents, bad behavior with neighbors, alcohol, gambling, adultery, oppression, homosexuality and violence.

So I still have to worry about survival. The road to life is lost many times. Change your life to the right road. Follow the command of Allah and make the right life. Stay away from all the bad things. Develop good behavior. Follow the life of the Prophet on the road to life. This is the affability. Because even my death at any moment. If you do not have the ability to stop your age and death, why would you live in a wrong way? The consequences of the result of my work in life are for me. Thank you for reading the truth. In future, you will be with you on more educational topics.

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