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Ali made it. Palestinian origin. stories of cancer survivors ALI BENAT Australia's birth and growth in Sydney At the age of 21,
He became a successful business owner. The electrician was in the profession. There was a reputable CCTV company. Money was earning money. As a result, everything in modern life was at hand. He wanted to retire at age thirty. Enjoy life That's why the expensive house got the car furniture and clothing accessories. Extremely living Leviticus. There was no shortage for him. In 2015 there was a turnaround in his life. The doctor said after examining his body that the killer cancer was living in his body. There will be no work on any conventional treatment. He will save only 7 months. Testicular cancer is diagnosed. And it has spread all over her body. In explaining this cancer, I paste the entire English section here (Testicular cancer is cancer that develops in the testicles, a part of the male reproductive system). But survived more than 25 months from the time of doctors binding. It is also a proof that the death of life is one of its proofs.
He also realized that he is no longer in this dead earth. A gift that Allah has received is a gift from God. One last chance. Immediately starting Levi's life and going to Siratul Mustakim. Sell ​​all used goods. With the successful business too All the money went out of the money in Africa in Togo Charity work. An organization has also formed. Name 'Muslim Around the World'. To build a number of homes, shops, school college mosques, community centers, etc. in Togo's banner. Relatives with the help of the poor sufferers. Through Gunda M. and selling his own assets, he worked for nearly $ 2 million. His charity activities are ongoing.He wanted one day to retire at age thirty. Banat thinks that Allah has sent him the last 30 times of this retirement. And it has been life changing with a disease that has a gift to him. He thinks he will not go with a money while he dies. Therefore, after giving good gifts or charity to Allah's way, his sins will be forgiven after blessing his benefactor after death. It is his belief that Allah will keep him at the highest place in Paradise. In fact, if one is eating a hungry animal, then the comfort that will be for him is also a blessing. Allah also compensates those hunger-defying people in another way, which we do not understand many times.These charities were once again tied to work in Australia's Commonwealth Bank, where all of its charity was deposited. They kept the account closed for some time. Because of this many people think that the Muslim charity, which is often counted as terrest funding in the western world. Many times knowing that they do it for harassment. Because of what everyone knows.
He died a few days before his Maghrib in Australia. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi died. He was 33 years old. May Allah forgive all his sins. As soon as he takes his public welfare work.Many of us do not know when to die. But one day that will die, but everyone knows. Then Amir Badshah Fakir Miskin can not take everyone with a sage. Ali did not make himself in the last three years, we could not even get it in 40/50 years. Today is the time to delve into time. When I knew the day before I came to death. I also want to make this ali banate my doctor tell me one day, you are a few months! Make everything happen So if I can really do something ... with a small charity ... or it's like a banana.
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