Saturday, December 8, 2018


The easiest and best way to test the Lord. By whom are you created? Who are you managing regularly? It is your right to know and how much it is worth to take. Are you right to the day that Lord and Son are coming to love? In times of trouble, we pray to the Lord for help. Does he pray to the right place? If you do not reach the right place, you're going to click on the way. The religious leaders who give you and the information about you are responsible for this. You are responsible because you have never tried in the right direction, but you are on the way. Just like a blind person on other words. You have to give the result of this charge. Now come the main topic.


To verify the correct Lord you have right. Please check with your subconscious mind about 4 subjects.

1. Say, he is Allah, one.
2. Allah is Forbidden.
3. He did not give birth to anyone and no one gave birth to him.
4. And there is none like it.

These four things are enough to verify your LORD. Why Vail will bring losses in his own life. All people on the two sides of the world have been divided.

1. Who created everything. 

He who created all things is truly the Creator. He is holy and true. He is intelligent and intelligent. He gives solution to where people can not think. People are judging the good evil. They have everything to solve the problems of the people. He can destroy everything in the midst of life and after death we will have to go to him.

2. The creation of man that is created in LORD

Man's creation is not his power. People make strong statements by making false stories. The Lord can not help anyone and can not save himself. False belief is going to harm human beings. Some people create this master to meet their needs. The need to actually change their books in their own way. Through the emotional action, But there is no work with passion all the time. If there is no sense in him.

So do not forget to change yourself from the situation. This is your life. No one has the right to your life. Identify the right Lord and average life. Why do others have written on other words. If you are an ancestor, then you will be able to do that. Check out your Creator. BEST EASY WAY TO VERIFY THE LORD.

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