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In the current world Muslim regimes misleading Muslims with different types of misguided movements with birth control system. 
NGOs from different states, including the USA, are involved in this wrong decision. These NGOs publish various types of misconceptions in the light of practical thinking, and provide birth control medicines of different types. As a result of their medicines, it is seen that the process of giving birth to one step is damaged. As a result, there will be huge problems of increasing the country's manpower in the future. Birth rates are very low in countries including America, Canada, Australia and Russia. According to the research report, in the last few years, children born in Muslim countries are very few in developing countries. So improved countries have increased the opportunities for the Family planning. Family planning will face really horrific conditions for future Muslim countries.

Family Planning and Problems

Family planning can be divided into 2 ways.
1. Poverty will increase if more children are born
2. It is better if the child's age is higher for higher education.

According to the Quran verse sent by the Creator, it is a bad thing to say about birth control. Due to the birth of more children, food problems, problems in the world will arise, it will be misconstrued. If there are more children in advanced states, then parents are given various facilities. The country's main family plans are being discussed, in reality the head of the state is unable to properly utilize its country's manpower. This is the problem of the head of the country. Think about how manpower can be improved by utilizing it. Decision to make family planning. When you can regulate birth, when a mother is in a bed where she is born, her mother may die. In such a situation the family can plan. Assassination of children is one of the worst crimes. If there is abortion, then there are some problems in the body. Those are talking about family plans. Maybe they did not come to Earth if they had taken pre-existing family planning methods.

If there is a need for distortion in the birth of another false data then the child can be educated. Many highly educated people did not achieve success on the basis of this information. There is no guarantee that you will do whatever you plan, but it will be the plan that Allah will make. Because Allah knows what time people need right.

QURAN CH:17 V:31
Family plan according to Islam system that when a mother is breastfeeding for 2 years, it is impossible for a mother to be pregnant. But when mother gives milk to different brands of breast milk, then the child's mother will be pregnant.

QURAN CH:31 V:14
After all, it is not the right procedure to reduce the birth rate by using family planning methods. People have no power. As long as God will help. So Allah guides man. He is the creator of all things and he has to go one day. Do not be afraid of the Livelihood, obey the command of Allah.

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