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The Best plan my child support Depending on how you love your child depends on you. Parenting negligence in maintaining current age of children is more prominent. 
The reason for this is to run behind the money. This is making the true meaning of the child thinking about the future, but on the other hand, due to negligence of the child, the parents lose respect and love. This problem is due to the turmoil of the family. That child considers parents to be only a relationship but does not have any respect to respect and respect. There will be discussions on how to support and take care of my child support.

1. Baby buns for health:

After the baby is born, the most important thing is to be made to his health. In particular, the baby's vaccination needs to be given at the right time. Of course there must be a child doctor's advice. Due to the increase in your child's age, there are many different kinds of diseases. The environment and place play a key role in making every child a child. Building a suitable environment for the child. Of course. Gaining knowledge of parents about first aid

2. Special attention to food

After the birth of the baby, the list of foods will change with age increase. Along with mother's milk, you will have to eat various types of protein, proteins. Of course, when eating food, the pot and the clean water will be eaten. If the food is neglected, then the child is likely to be weak.

3. Increasing knowledge of archeology

The right time to increase religious knowledge is at the time of childhood. So to promote and enhance the religious knowledge of children. Religious knowledge is such a thing, a vital role in changing human life. Religion protects people from evil and provides guidance in the right direction. If the child is educated with religious knowledge, that child will never go wrong in the street and that child will become a great asset for parents. Even after the death of parents, the child's good deeds will get a share. Religious Education Tool:

A. Belief in God and Prophet.
B. Every year in the religious books
C. Increasing relations between relatives and neighbors.
D Report about God's orders and prohibitions.
E. Announcement about religious ceremonies.

4. Mental development

Running with the current world championship. The competition prevents children from developing their mental development, destroying their wishes and unwillingness to survive. Each child has unique topics inside. If he is given the opportunity to work independently and is properly monitored. That child can do a lot of work in the future. They play a vital role in the formation of nation and nation. Another big problem is that the child is not properly monitored if he gives his own freedom. There are many things in danger in society that are not taught. As a result, children are involved in various types of bad things. Parents are most responsible for this.

5. Love education

Teaching the child. The biggest problem is that it is possible to give love to the child while running behind the storm. Sometimes it is possible to solve hard work through love. It is not always possible to teach a child only when he rules the child. In order to educate the child in real education, it is necessary to provide love along with discipline. If the child is overly ruled, that child can not love the parents and the hatred is born.

6. Based on others in the care of the child:

The child's rearing depends on others. Because it's going to do this to give the right time to the room. But due to this, the child's nurturing effect has negative effects. Because of whom you are giving the child, the behavior of the child will fall on the child. As a result, children's behavior is more negative than the effects. Therefore, we should try to teach the child good behavior.

7. Recreational Fields:

Entertainment plays an important role in the intellectual development of the child. Identify the child as a place to enjoy the proper recreation ground. Be careful and distant from the entertainment that negatively impacts. In particular, TV and Internet negative issues are affecting children's behavior. All these things are clearly communicated to the child.

8. Good parental behavior

Parental behavior plays an important role in the upkeep of the child. Of course, parents are not allowed to do bad behavior before children. Because children look at parental behavior. The way the parents behave, the child copies the same way. Children love to imitate. So parents should give importance to this issue. A child gets proper education through family. In the family, both the parents will have to perform their duties and how to properly perform their duties.

9. Regarding society and the country

Giving accurate knowledge about society and country's work with the rise of the child's age. To give guidance to the society and work in the country. Discuss and criticize corruption, drugs and dishonest business practices in the country. Discuss various issues related to society and country development and increase the love for the country.

10. Solution of humanity

In the present world, various books have been published for solving humanity. Of these, most of the book writers discuss his passion and current perspective. But in these books, the solution to humanity is discussed without reason. Humanity can make the right decisions for those who created mankind. In the Qur'an, solutions have been given in many matters, including divorce, Maryam, Nisha, Bakara family and husband relationship. Very effective The easiest way to live the life of mankind is to take and follow the ideas of the Prophet's life. There is no better method in the world nor will it come.

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