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Family is an important pillar in human life. Without a family, mankind can not continue. The family plays an important role in the formation of human character. So there are various types of components and procedures for family formation. Sometimes problems arise in the field of family management. By solving that problem, a happy family is developed. If family management does not follow the right rules, problems arise due to various reasons. The problem was discussed.

1. Do not follow the religious rules:

In the family management, religious rules and regulations are very important. The main problem in observing the religious rule is not knowing the right religion and knowingly, but neglected. In America and other countries of Europe, people are living in an irregular way. They do not follow the right religion of human welfare. As a result, after the formation of family, the wife and children do not follow the head of the family. Because the family head does not know how to control the family members through the proper guide line. Religion is the ordinance of Allah. Allah has created mankind. And in the welfare of humankind, what is the rule, all mentioned in the scriptures. Modern world America and several European countries, most people ignore religion, resulting in happiness and peace of the family, and within a short period the family collapses. But what is causing so many problems. It does not analyze the issue. Another family is busy building a family. Or move away from the idea of ​​family formation.

A. Knowledge, understanding and conducting life in Islam.
B. Follow the Prophet's life.
C. Religious education and practice of family members. Help to build religious life.

2. Establishing love and respect for family:

Family problems can be solved through love. Love is such an ingredient, great work becomes easier. Therefore, it is necessary to exchange love for each member in order to make the family happy. If any member of the family is violent, then he will be able to solve the correct information accordingly. Giving correct ideas about the rules of evil people. To increase respect for family members. If your child makes a mistake, do not disclose it to another person. Parents' respect decreases when children show signs of depression. Do not pressurize the child for excessive study and practice his good work.

3. Increasing honest character:

Good character needs to be formed in the family. If the family possesses the noble character, positive thinking is created for family members and motivates to form honest character. Family members are protected by a virtuous person and can be protected from various dangers in the society.
If the family is the main character, then the family members follow him. Which is harmful to family and society.

2. Family Safety:

Monitor the security of the members to solve family problems. There is a lot of problems with your child growing up report about. Do not let the child live the life according to his wishes. As a result, there is a possibility of harm to the child. To inform the child about the dangers of society and the law and order in the country. Let us know about the good evil deeds of the people. Giving correct ideas about the rules of evil people. To inform about the bad places in the society.

4. Honest Resistance:

The family peace comes through honest uplift. Family members are protected from various dangers. But if he is abused or harassed by someone, he has negatively influenced family members by means of money. For example: various types of diseases, unintended events are created.

5. Increase good relations between husband and wife:

Allah has written many of the Qur'an to increase the good relations between husband and wife. Following the Qur'an, the relationship between husband and wife in the family will be beautiful and love will increase. The most beautiful husband and wife in the world. Husband should honor his wife. The wife should respect her husband. Wife is not like a tissue paper. After finishing needs to be thrown. It's a permanent honey relationship. There will be many different problems while staying together in the family. But the problem is not correct solution, breaking the family for a little reason, it is a wrong decision. Any problem or decision should be resolved by negotiating both husband and wife in fact. This will strengthen the relationship. If the wife is senior, the same age and junior, then the person should behave like a person, the Prophet taught through his biography.

There is no better way to solve the family problem than the Qur'an and the life of the Prophet. The Qur'an is the solution of humanity. All the solutions are through the Qur'an.

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