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Islam is a complete way of life, each and every aspect is designed by our Creator to advance happy, healthy communities and ease the path to eternal bliss in Paradise. In today’s society modesty is seen as a sign of weakness or insecurity. This is not the case in Islam, where modesty is seen as a sign of respect for oneself and others.
What is unlawful for women in newspapers, TVs or net movies?

Yes It is forbidden for women to visit the film. As it is also afflicted. And Allah Almighty says, "Tell the believers to guard their eyesight and to guard their sexual organs carefully; This is more sacred for them. Allah is aware of what they do. "(Quran: Nur 30)

It is forbidden to see strangers. But is it forbidden to see his picture on the screen or printed on TV?

Because of the prohibition against looking for an unfamiliar woman, she also has to show her pictures. Besides, Allah said, "Tell the believers to guard their eyesight and to guard their sexual organs carefully; This is more sacred for them. Allah is aware of what they do. "( Quran: Nur 30)

Is it legal to work women?
It is legal for women to work in legitimate cases. The condition is that, the action field will be for women only. If the male woman works in the same place, she is not valid. As it is likely to have bad work.

What is legal for treatment?
Firstly, finding women doctors is important for the treatment of women. If it is not found, it is important to treat a male doctor with the presence of husband and mahram. It is forbidden to have a female doctor to treat the male doctor. For example, it is illegal for a male doctor to disclose the organs except for the necessary organs.

Can women go out of the house using cents?
Even with the screen, women can not go outside using perfumes or any aromatic perfumes. Because there is fate in it. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Every eye is an adulterer. And if the woman passes a (men's) assembly by using perfume, then she is an adulteress

Even if he goes to pray in the mosque, he can not use the cents. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Do not forbid the people of Allah to come to the mosque, but they should come to him with ease without using sweet things."
What if the mother is tied to the screen?
Arrange for Wajib's wife for her husband. Not pushing him towards the prospect. It is not at all acceptable to bring a friend and friend to meet him in front of a friend. Allah said, "O believers! Save yourselves and your family from the Fire, whose fuel will be the people and the stones, in which they are appointed, the heart of the ruthless, hard-natureed angels, who do not disobey God as what they instruct them, and do what they are commanded to do.

What woman can do driving?
The Shari'a has two principles:
1. The legitimate work that drages illegal work, it is illegal.
2. It is more pre-dominant to eliminate evil than bringing good luck.
It is said in light of this principle that women can not be driving. As they drive, they have to open their eyes on the screen. To change the oil, to change tires, check points, to talk to the men if the car gets crippled. If there is a lonely place, he will have to suffer. His youth will lead him to an unknown catastrophe. Besides, driving for women is not legal for many more reasons.

Is it permissible to call a young woman a sister or a friend, meet her and meet her and talk or talk with her?

No young man's unshakable friendship with any young woman is impossible. However, it is forbidden to meet and meet with friends and talk freely and talk and make letters. Likewise, it is not lawful for a young woman to make sister-in-law and meet up and talk or talk about similar matters. Because the 'sister' is called bane. To say 'sister' means making fun of mind. Rather, 'seeing' such a meeting with someone, similar visits and free gatherings are not valid. As someone says 'wife', she does not become her 'wife'. Similarly, if someone says 'mother' or 'sister' does not become his mahram; Until they have established blood, dairy or marital relations.

Can the woman speak with the man?

The woman could talk to the man after the need. But it is normal to say that; Not rough is raucous, nor is it fun to be charming. Allah said, "O wives of the Prophet! You are not like other women; If you fear God, do not speak like a gentle voice to the other person, so that the person in whose heart is suffering from it is enticed. And make you kind. (Speak normally.) "( Quran: Ahazab 32)

Will the house maid be screened at home?
Since the present maid is not a slavery, she is also like a Muslim woman, she is also screened. She will screen her in front of the people of the house and will not take solitude with any man.

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