Monday, December 17, 2018


The main reason for the destruction of business is loan, It is truth. Most of the companies grow up through loans
Some companies started with their own money. Because of the loan requirement, additional capital or income tax filer procedures are required. What does Islam say about business in religion? Business is the only rightful business in Islam. But, of course, it will be a business name, without a loan. Allah says in the Qur'an.

(Imran: 130-131). If you want to start a business with a loan, declare war with Allah and the Prophet directly. How hateful work You started the business with a loan. At one step, the business will cause different problems. That's enough to destroy the company. No matter how much you plan on doing, one step will drop the plan. If you start a business without a loan. If the problems arise, Allah will solve the problem. Because if any wrongdoing started with Allah, firstly Allah will allow him to come to the right path, but because of not following in the future, that business will become the cause of his death. It will be shame and hated.

First, if you want to start a business, no loan can be taken in the business activity. Allah will help and collaborate in the right way. Allah's help is enough to help businessmen. Allah will make the big danger in business case. Allah says to warn mankind:

Now you decide how you will do business. Although you do not need the above words, one day you will stand in front of these true words. There will be nothing but despair. As Allah has created us, it is as true as ever, so Allah has made every word true.

If you are in danger, then who is there to help other than Allah? Unless he disbelievers, he will eventually return to him. Man-made statues can not be of any benefit or harm. Only those who make and trade with religion will benefit.

In the current year, advised to take a loan for economic release and co-operation. It's a wrong decision. Whose advice would you suggest to the person, or who gave you happiness? There is a possibility that people's decisions are wrong, but there is no scope for Allah to make mistakes.

Your business Your success. Start the business with the money that is there. Allah will give success. Do not depend on the loan and do not harm yourself. The choice is yours.

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