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Origin Christmas Traditions True or False. In fact, Christmas Day is arranged through complete errors. 
Because the fact that the incident took place on this day is true, but there are uncultured stories in it. On the eve of the arrest of Isa Prophet, Allah gave shape to Isa's friend as a Prophet and removed the Prophet's Prophet. He was cruciform in the next paragraph. After three days and three nights, the Prophet (peace be on him) asked his friends to meet friends for a moment and to believe that he is alive, to touch friends. It shows that the Prophet Isa died. To increase the number of books, religion books need help. Let's see what the scripture says, whether Isa was dead or alive. The friends of Isa Prophet said: Show us some of the points, we can see that you are the Messenger of Allah. The Prophet, the Prophet Zuna Book is based on Yunus Prophet's event. Just like Jonah had three days or three nights in a fish's belt, so I was on this earth for three days and three nights. Gospel of Matthew: (Ch12: V: 38-42). 

Now what Allah says in the Quran(Nisa: CH: 4, V: 158).

It is astonishing, despite the fact, why people made their lives in error. There is no basis for falsehood. Christmas Day is a mistake made by humans. In the past and present, these events have transformed the truth into falsehood and tearing the common people out of its true creator. How many people have erred over their misinformation over the ages. Commonly responsible people shot for it. Because despite their intelligence, the scriptures did not verify the truth and false. Religion has left over a class of people.

Another eternal truth is that the prophet is not the son of Allah. Allah says in the Qur'an: (Mariom CH: 19, V:36)
(Isra Ch:17 V:82).
So conscience intellectually read the religious stories and do the right way without hearing about your other person. Why do you follow the wrong way and bring harm to yourself & your family? There is still time.  This is evident from the fact that there is unnatural events in the Christmas day. There will be no more time after death Everything will end. In the whole world, now there is a business of religion. People belonging to one class enjoy different types of benefits by trading in religion and harming common people. So come true way. Make life on the right way.

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