Monday, December 31, 2018


Every living being must taste the death. Allah said, 'We have not given eternal life to any person before you. So if you die, will they live forever? The creature will taste death only.
And we test you with evil and good, and to us you will be returned "(Ambia 21 / 34-35). He also said, "If you die, you will meet with the death. Then you will be brought back to the knowledge of the unseen and visible to Allah (Jumu'a 62/8). So, if you are in a strong fort, then death will not give any benefit to anyone (Nisa 4/78). The Prophet (sm) said that death is true, paradise and hell truth '(Muttafaq Alaih, Mishkat H / 1211). All the Prophets and the King and King have to die. No one will be spared from death. The Sahabis who came to see Hadrat Abu Bakar (R) lying on the death bed said, will we not bring a doctor for you? He said, he saw me. The Sahabian said, what did he say to you? In reply, Abu Bakar Siddiqi (R) said, (Allah) said that I do whatever I want '

Amr (R) said, there was no one more beloved than the Prophet (sm) in my heart at this stage. There was no one greater than he in my eyes. Due to immense respect, I could not even see him full of eyes. If today I am asked to describe his body shape, then it will not be possible for me. Because I could never look at him. If I had died in that condition, I would have been optimistic about Paradise. Later, we got involved in various issues, I do not know, where is my position in this? So, when I die, no lamenting or fire should be with my funeral. When you bury me, then slowly lay down the soil on me and it will take me while I take a camel to burial and take the time to distribute its meat, then stay near my grave. In order that your presence may cause me to panic, I will answer my Lord's Messenger (peace be upon him).

It is necessary for every person to fear death. Because fear of death can save man from all wrongdoings. That's why we have to fear more deaths. Allah protects us from all sin, fear of death, Ameen!
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