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Allah. He is a unique one. Apart from a word in the name of every human, his name changed. But there is no change in name except the name of Allah. Allah has 99 good names. Allah has created everything. There is no end to creation
How is Allah

Allah said, I am one and only unique. Owners of everything in the heavens and on earth. Everything is handled according to my orders. I can hear people cry out or call me from my heart. The earth's natural beauty, the mountains, the sea, the underground mineral resources, all created me. I like that If I want to see you in front of your eyes, then beyond your thinking.
The easiest way to know what Allah is like:

1. Say Allah is one and unique.
2. He is indescribable.
3. No one gave birth, no one was born from anyone.
4. There is no equal to Allah.

Allah is thinking and master plan

Allah creates long-term thoughts and master plans before creating everything. First, many angels were created to comply with his orders. Then he thought that the creation of one class among his creatures would be respected and that all creatures would be above. He created the human race and gave it to it. One of mankind will be the Greatest Man, who will be respected among all men and will be elected as Legends. Follow him as a human idol. Allah will reveal himself through the best man. For the welfare of mankind. After a period of time, the Prophet sent the Prophet to the right way to bring the perishing people to the right path. In the last moments of the last moment, destroy everything under the first sky. Then all the angels, including the Arabs, will die. Allah will announce loudly. Who is there without me?

The mysteries of creation: Allah

If Allah intends to create something, only Say. (Qur'an: Yasin: 82). Allah has created the earth in 6 days. In the aftermath, seven heavens were made up of layers, and after 7 skies, they made their throne. Allah created mankind, genes, different species and numerous angels. Notable angels are Jebrail, Azrael, Mikail and Israfil. Allah has two revelatory creations on the action of mankind, Paradise and Hell. Number of dwellings 8 and number of hell 7. Allah created many planets, stars, satellites, meteors, comets, and the earth under the first sky, as a human habitation, and decorated the earth, creating mountains, rivers, sea. Various species have been created for the welfare of the people. The only reason for all these creation is to obey Allah. Follow the prohibition of Allah. People have been exploring the mysteries of creation for ages. How many mysteries behind the creation of human body Now, medical science has discovered new topics. All the pleasures of Allah are determined for a fixed period. Everything will be destroyed in the next world.

Life on the wrong path

How beautifully Allah has beautified man. Every time Allah can not save lives without help. But when the misfortune man disobeys the order of Allah, then make any other made, false idol, and seek help from him. How can it be possible to recognize his own doll as the Lord. Who does not have any power He can not help in any way and can not harm. A group of people in the society who are doing business by making God for their own advantage. Generally, people are not able to understand anything and try to understand them, like doing blind things. Being involved in false religion leads to its own destruction. It really feels bad when falsehood is declared as true. If you have faith in what the Lord says, then what is the need to make statues?

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