Tuesday, January 29, 2019


If you want to go on the path of suicide, then smoke. And if you want to live on a beautiful earth, you must quit smoking. Nowadays, many such cigarette packets are written in such a warning. 

Smoking is harmful for health. Smoking is bad for lungs, lung cancer, heart attacks, heart attack risk, obstruction of blood circulation in the brain, abnormalities of sexual abilities, including smoking. Many people want to smuggle the killer forever, but for many reasons smoking is no longer left. Experts have told 13 ways to protect yourself from the addiction of smoking. These followings are possible without smoking. There are 13 ways to:

1. First decide why you need to smoke without smoking. That is, what is the reason for wanting to quit smoking. Reduce the risk of cancer and heart attacks.

2. Without any therapy or alternative medication, it is not okay without smoking. Because the brain on cigarette nicotine becomes dependent in many cases. Many symptoms start when you leave. So cigarette alternative therapies have to be thought of.

3. Use nicotine substitutes, gum, ligans, etc.

4. Nicotine alternative medicines can be used.

5. Do not quit smoking alone and encourage other family members (if you smoke), encourage friends and colleagues to quit smoking together.

6. Try to reduce stress. Take a light massage if needed.

7. Avoid alcohol.

8. Try to focus on the other side of the house or do any other work.

9. Try again to quit smoking. Do not smoke once and for the second time.

10. Do regular exercises.

11. Eat lots of greens and vegetables and colorful fruits.

12. Spend a portion of financial savings that will stop you from smoking, or spend less on entertainment.

13. Stop smoking, not to make friends or lovers happy but to do good for you. Take such a strong position.

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