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Stress is a normal part of life. But undoubtedly feeling excessive pressure on the body, mind-mentality, and life-threatening are extremely harmful to all sides. So it is important to control it.

Below are some guidelines for stress control

1) Do not spend money on human beings. One reason to increase your mental stress is to worry about who is doing it. There will be another problem, if you get worried about others, it will be an attitude to compare yourself with others. Then feel emotional pressure in terms of money, social status, status, car, house, ornaments, clothing, beauty etc. So please be happy with what God has given you and thank God. InshaAllah, you will feel complete calmness in heart.

2) Do your duties and responsibilities as much as you can with utmost sincerity. Do not take extra responsibility for your ability to shoulder. Do not squeeze on request. Otherwise, you have to be under stress.

3) Extra relationships with humans are one of the causes of stress. So keep a close relationship with relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, classmates etc. The greater the relationship, the more you will be trapped in the obstacles.

4) Do not overlap. The overwhelming person is divided into thinking of the increase in money, wealth and status. If a small amount of money is lost or the promotion of employment is deprived, then who is seeing his woe? So little trim is very important for mental peace and it is also very important for peace.

5) Do not waste your money, comfort and comfort beyond the power. Those who artificially dedicate themselves to all are waiting to be thanked and appreciated by people in their message and behavior. But if he does not get it then his mental instability and tension increases.

6) Enjoy today's day well. Leave it to Allah for tomorrow's tomorrow. Enjoy the pleasure of Allah as well as the blessings of Allah. Do not increase mental pressure by worrying about the future of the world.

7) Spend some time in private solitary everyday. Do not have any relationship with the world at this time. Especially, stay away from social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook. At this time, self-criticize and make Allah duality. Then see Allah Almighty will relieve you from your stress. 

8) Read the biographies of the wise, read their advice and valuable words, their experience and advice in their life will make it easier for you to walk in the worldly life Insha Allah

9) Do not worry too much about the dangers and problems in life - such as financial loss, bad results in exams, and sicknesses. Rather than simply accept it. Remember, nothing happens without the written destiny of Allah. There is welfare in danger, which is not visible to the human eye. But Allah does nothing except wisdom.

10) Do not take everything seriously. It is not right to take every word or work of the people seriously. It is not ok to analyze all things deeply. Rather, keep your sense of humor, learn to laugh at meeting people. In your words and behaviors, flowers spread out. Then InshaAllah will remain frustrated and emotional pressure will be reduced to InshaAllah

11) Give the body its right. It is important to take necessary food, sleep, rest.

12) Make a list of everyday important tasks and do the next before the next. But do not let yourself go into trouble. Remember, raunchy activities increase mental instability and create stress.

13) 'Every work should be done 100 percent perfect' This thought should be removed from the head. Because, the quality of the fullness is only Allah's. Those who are concerned about doing all the work, surrounded by anxiety, tension, unrest. As a result, their emotional pressure is very strong.

14) Be sure that all relations between God and the Hereafter will be as deep as possible in connection with Allah. Through the fear of Allah, prayer, morning dusk and dhikri, deeds of virtue, work for the good of mankind, Allah sends innumerable calmness towards the servant, eliminates the problem, and then life becomes more vivid. May Allah bless all people.

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