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Before marrying someone must question yourself. Knowing that the right person has many things to do in survival, in most cases the answer to this question is emotions and feelings dependent. You can find different types of people by learning about different types of people. The important aspect of knowing about human beings is through the process of finding the people you are most comfortable with and comfortably with. As well as increasing the age and mental maturity, a deeper understanding of your personality will also develop.

At one stage you will meet someone who is comfortable and you can consider marrying him. Inevitably, the question will arise in your mind, "Is he the right person for me?" Surah An-Nur Allah said, "For the women of the well-being of women, and for the good men like women, They are holy from what they say. For them there is forgiveness and honorable livelihood. "(Qur'an, 24: 26) 

This verse reminds us of who God has assigned to any kind of people. Below are some of the details that are important to know whether you have chosen the right person.

Whoever you are comfortable with will be the right person - someone to whom you can be safely picked up. The right person will inspire you to make the right decision for you. It may be that you can decide on your fair living, to support your efforts in protecting the balance between family and work. You will feel motivated to be energetic in every aspect of life and find mental support when you know that the person you are going to marry is not a negative, selfish or rude mentality. When you are with that man, feel safe to share his thoughts and feelings with him. With his help, you can think of yourself as a great man. The right person will be with whom your intimate friendship will develop and you both will enjoy both. It is important to develop a relationship of friendship on friendship because love develops based on friendship.

The goals and values ​​of the person's life are the same for you and for you. This does not mean that the goals and values ​​of both the lives must be exactly the same. This means that there will be nothing contradictory in the life of the two. As a result, you will be able to move forward with a long-term goal and you can achieve it together. You can express feelings and concerns to the right person. As a result, there will be no need to put emotional emotions in mind. If there is any disagreement over any matter, you will be able to discuss among themselves. Listen to each other's opinions and get an understanding. It will be enjoyable with the person who is helpful for intellectual development. Naturally, couples have different periodic changes in married life. These adaptations need to be adapted properly and efficiently and successful.

The right person will be kind, dignified and submissive to you and the people around you. His features are not only meant to impress you. This man encourages you to maintain good relations with your family. Both of you will understand that marriage is a bridge between relationships between two families and it is not the reason of isolated married life. Such behavior towards your family and friends is a spontaneous manifestation of the real character of a man. Just kept you warm, but do not give importance to your family and your relatives - this is the symptom of incompatibility character. The character is the one that holds us in front of us through the spontaneous actions and behavior of the person regardless of the place, time and the pot.

Whatever your mouth will say, your character will be published through action. The person who is good for you will never be rude, immature, mental, selfish or selfish; Rather he will be conscientious and caring about everyone around him. For example: Not only to parents, and to the office boss, even he will be submissive to the hotel waiter and office peon or karnary. Marriage established on mutual respect and sympathy. If these do not come naturally from within, however, the best way to impress you before marriage, its original form will come out in everyday activities.

In the end, the right person will be honest - one can believe in the work and the one who can be trusted. He will be truthful to you about various concerns and decisions of life. If you marry him, do not worry about your life; Rather share your life with you. He will trust you and you will not see everything in your hand or he will not expect you to do all your work. If you are with him you will feel insecure and he will accept you with your unique characteristics. I think you can discuss with your mistakes and try to improve your weaknesses through joint efforts.

It must be said in the inevitable that you should never marry a person involved in a criminal or contrary activities with your principles and values. Honesty and mutual trust of two people

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