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1.Muslims worship Ka'bah

Ka'bah  Muslims 'Qibla' Muslims regard them as a guide in their prayers. It is worth mentioning here that Muslims do not worship the Ka'bah as they face the Ka'bah in their prayers. The worshiper of that house is invisible by Allah, the invisible. Muslims used to map the first world map. Their picture was in the south and the north was lower. Then the Ka'ba was at the center point. Later on, the western map makers painted the map of the world below and the bottom is above the top, that is, the answer is upward and the south is at the bottom. Alhamdulillah also, in this regard, the "Ka'bah Maps Center went from the point".
When the Muslims went to Makkah to go to Makkah, they performed 'Tawaf'. That is, the Ka'bah circled around the house and circled around. The work is one of the signs of Allah and belief in worship. Each circle is round and has one center point. Therefore, there is only one God who is worthy of worship, this is one of his signs.

2. Non-Muslims do not have access to Mecca.

A. Not all citizens get admission in the cantonment area

I am an Indian citizen Despite this, there are some areas in this country where I am not free of cost. Such as cantonment Every country in the world has all the areas which can not enter the civilian population. Only members of the army and members of defense related matters get admission in those areas.

Likewise Islam is a universal life system for the whole world. The two holy cities of Mecca and Medina may be considered as cantonments of Islam. Here only those who belong to his followers and its defense get admission, ie Muslims. To oppose the entry of civilians in the Senanbas area, it will be considered as unreasonable to any conscientious people. In the same way, it is not advisable to question the questioning of non-Muslims in Mecca and Madina.

"VISA" entry to BKM and Medina

A. Anyone else wants to travel to another country. First of all, he has to apply for getting his visa. This means that permission to enter the country. Each country has its own rules and regulations and some conditions. If these things are not met, they will not get a visa.

B. America is among the most conservative countries in terms of visa issuing. In particular, they have many rules to allow foreign countries to get visa. There are also rare and durable conditions which are not covered by general, in any way.

C. I went on a trip to Singapore. In their immigration or immigration form, the "death penalty" for drug traffickers was mentioned. Now, if I want to enter Singapore, I will have to take those laws accordingly. I can not say that the death sentence is the punishment of the brutal brutal medieval. It is possible for me to get the entry of the country only if I do not obey all their rules and conditions.

4. For any person to enter Makkah and Madinah for the permission to enter Makkah and Madinah, the first condition to be fulfilled is to say in his mouth: "La ilaha ill-Allah MuhammadRasulullah", there is no one to be worshiped except Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) Sent messenger.

3. Why is alcohol prohibited in Islam?

From time immemorial, 'alcohol' has been identified as the cause of acute pain for world humanity. Wine is the cause of the premature death of many non-existent people and the cause of horrific plight of millions of people around the world. This 'alcohol' or alcohol because of the origin of numerous problems in the human society. Strong ascendancy of crime trends, increasing mental disadvantages and billions of broken worlds are living evidence of how the ongoing struggle for alcoholless silence is going on around the world.

4. How to prove, the existence of the hereafter, that is, 'There is a permanent life after death'?

A. Believing confidence in the Hereafter is not founded on blind beliefs

Many become anesthetic, how can a person of a scientific and rational nature believe in the afterlife or the death after life? They believe that those who believe in the Hereafter will have faith, that is founded on a blind faith.

My confidence in the Hereafter is established on reasonable grounds.

B. 'The Hereafter' is a logical belief

On the subject of science, the Jyotirmoyan Qur'an contains verses on more than thousands of other languages ​​(In this context, the Quran and modern science are coherent or incompatible). But science has not reached that stage so that the Qur'an can verify every detail.

If 80% of the scientific theories described in the Quran are already proved to be hundred percent truthful. The remaining only 20% of the share, all of which have no clear statement from science. Wherever science has not reached the stage so far, it can prove that these statements of the Quran are true or false. So, with our limited knowledge, we can not say that even a verse of the 20% share of the unanimous truth is wrong.

So 80% of the Qur'an, which is finally proved to be true and the remaining 20% ​​share just waiting for evidence. There will be loyalty only to say that those 20% of the time will prove to be true. The last thing described in the Qur'an is that the life of permanent life is included in that 20%, unseen is a fact. The logic here will be based on its authenticity.

C. Penalty and human values ​​are completely meaningless without 'the sight of the hereafter'

Rob's not good to do evil? A common equilibrium person will also say, how can a powerful and influential criminal prove that this bad thing is good and bad of the hereafter, that robbery is a heinous crime?

Suppose, I am a powerful criminal on earth, at the same time I am an intelligent and reasoning man. I would say robbery is a good thing because it helps me to live a luxurious life - so robbery is good for me.

If someone can stand a good reason in front of me, why robbery is bad for me? So, I will leave soon. People generally put forward the argument.

The highest record of rape

In 1990, according to a report by F.B.I. in America, there were 1,02,555 rape cases. According to the comment, an estimated maximum 15 percent of the cases were reported. If the actual quantity is to be extracted by 6.25, then it will have to multiply 6,40,968 divided by 365 divided by 1756 rape cases every day in America.

According to the report of the National Crime Victimization Survey Bureau of Justice of the US Department of Justice, in 1996, 3,07,000 rape cases were recorded in 1996. Then it has been said that the highest 31% of the incidents were filed, then 3,07,000 * 3,226 = 9, 90, 222 rape occurred in 1996. Every day, 273 days, every 32 seconds, a woman is raped in the world's most civilized country. From 1990 to 1996, this difference is to be noticed. It seems that the rapists of America are getting stronger day by day.

FBI, I's reporter said it is possible to arrest the accused only 10 percent of the accused. That is, only 1.6% of the occurrence of the occurrence Meanwhile, 50 percent of the accused left before the trial. That means 0.8% of the rapists are facing trial. In other words, if a rapist rapes 125 women, then only one chance of being punished in its catch. Many rape men can take it as a whimsy and gambling. Because 125 times the chance of getting punished is only once.

In the report, more than 0.8% of those who face trial, 50% of them are under one year, who suffer. Although the law of American law has 7 years of its rule. Judges gave a verdict of rigorous imprisonment each time they were arrested for rape. Consideration is! If a rapist rape 125 times, the probability of catching is only once. And if it gets caught, the chances of punishment are only a few months.

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