Sunday, January 27, 2019


We know that the person among us is good that he is good with his wife. A good man can become a good husband as a good husband and wife in a variety of ways. Some of the characteristics of the qualities that the husbands have bestowed on their wife’s are very good.

1) He used to be beautiful in his wife. Speaking using the best words. He is humble and gracious towards him.

2) He does not neglect the rights of the life partner, and he tries to fill it completely.

3) He is not interested in any other woman, but he is not interested in any other woman. Keeps the eye in check, keep the heart very consciously.

4) He teaches Islam regularly, learns with his wife and encourages him. The two tried to convince Islam.

5) When a sibling goes through a bad time, she is a strong advocate and is on her side.

6) If his wife ever hurts or injures her, she keeps herself calm. Do not go agonized; because she took her for granted that the wife did not want to deliberately hurt her, this has become inconvenience.

7) He avoids small mistakes in life and encouraged his good works. He appreciated his hard work.

8) Helps the wife in general to help her at home. Do not leave work for him.

9) Keep children aware of Islamic knowledge and behavior. Thinking about raising children to be Islamic Parental behavior affects children, so parents themselves are also aware of their personal character, behavior and behavior.

10) For some reason, there is no separation between the outside and outside of the house, but if the wife needs to go out, she will always cooperate with him. Occasionally, both of them go round in the mix so that the wife is happy to be with her for some time, which will make her relationship intensify.

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