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 1. Beautiful relationships are not created by itself, they have to be created. So you have to create it too.

2. If you lose all your work at work, then your married life will be damaged.

3. Your cheerful behavior can be a very expensive gift for your life partner.

4. It is not impossible for you to love and hate someone at the same time.

5. Refrain from complaining to friends about your partner. Remember, the feedback of friends can bring disaster to your marriage.

6. These are the rules of marriage, which are based on the choice of the two.

7. Conjugal relations do not completely destroy due to temporary dispute. Emotional attachment and pain in the mind destroy the bridal life.

8. Marriage relationship, not to match as "What?" Rather, "I have been able to give to the partner or partner", the fate of the bridal relationship.

9. "I am the best in life as a partner" - the feeling of self-confidence that seems too much. If you think so, verify yourself.

10. Continuous financial solvency of the family does not mean that marriage is also being spent through happiness.

11. If the faith is broken, then the time for adding that belief has not yet passed. That's why the appropriate time at any time.

12. In most cases what is debated is not the real issue.

13. Love is not just feelings; Rather, love is manifested through our work.

14. The desire to have more power increases the frustration and insatiability of the mind.

15. Many arguments can not be avoided. But we must avoid the harmful debate.

16. Your deep attention to your partner / partner can be priceless gifts.

17. Many times happy couples also think that they married the wrong person.

18. Even if your partner / partner can not guarantee you 100 percent happiness, he can help you to be happy.

19. Get some benefits that may be lying. But there is a lot more cost than the convenience to lie in quantity. Therefore, avoid giving falsehood.

20. Do not think that your opinion is always right.

21. The belief that you have built over the years, can be destroyed at one moment.

22. Prolonging the guilt of your partner or partner, you will never get what you want to play with your feelings.

23. Do not neglect your friends.

24 If you think, 'You are the right person for me, whom I married', then you are on the right track.

25. If you can resist the temptation to prove anything, you can actually prove a lot of things.

26. Spiritual kindness is the main foundation of a happy bride life.

27 If a partner or spouse behaves a defensive, then you can show some reasons for her being self-centered.

28 There is no 50/50 chances of marriage; Rather it is 100/100

29 In the case of a bridal relationship, you can still pay anything and still retire. However, you can pay the fine as much as you can.

30. Need to be sacrificed for a beautiful marital relationship. If you do that, you can enjoy more than your sacrifice.

31. Forgiveness is not a temporary quality; Rather, forgiveness is the name of an ongoing process.

32. The difficult times of a married life will make you a good man.

33. Marriage is like a rocket launch. When the gravity is full, then the flight needs very little fuel.

34. To get success in a married life, do not worry about what has happened in the past, plan to do the future.

35. Express gratitude to your partner or partner. Do not hold the feeling of gratitude in yourself.

36. It is a great way to keep silence sometimes for the sake of reality.

37. One of your best questions can be with your partner or partner, "How can I love you more?"

38. Bridal life can be kept alive forever.

39 Any action may be taken on the basis of logical conjecture. However, it is necessary to verify the guesswork before taking action.

40. The desire or purpose of the mind is not everything, but it is one of the most important things.

41. Fertile sexual relationship does not guarantee matrimonial relationships. However, it helps in building a successful conjugal relationship.

42 Protecting personal privacy does not harm the marital relationship. But if you hide the suspicious matter, it will damage the marital relationship.

43. The tendency of holding a partner / companion and jealousy is born from fear, not from love.

44 Reliability builds credibility and builds the habit of maintaining credibility.

45. If your husband or wife is something important, then it is important for you.

46. Necessity of conjugal relations never ends.

47 The brightness of the new relationship is always transient.

48. Silence can also be offensive when it is used as a weapon.

49. It is better to concentrate on how you can do the right thing yourself. Then pay attention to what your partner or partner has done wrong.

50 Only when it seems impossible to adapt to a bridal relationship, only then can you step towards separation.
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