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1. People need to choose different ways of earning for livelihood. Islam's direction is to earn a living on the positive way. 
If the worship of the forbidden means to earn the money earned on the path of worship, it will not be accepted to Allah. Because the mandatory prerequisite for acceptance of worship is lawful.There will be five questions for Adam in the field of Qiyamat, and no person will be able to move forward a little bit until the proper answer is given. One of them is 'How did he make money?'

who believe! Do not eat one another's property unjustly.
It is lawful for you to trade only with one another, (Quran : Nisa 29)

When the salat is over, then you spread on the earth
and seek God's favor (Quran :Jum'ah 10).

The businessman of the trustee will be with the Prophet,
Siddiqui and the martyrs on the Day of Resurrection '

Allah has made the trade lawful and the prohibition
of interest '(Quran :Baqarah 275)

2. If there is a severe punishment in the field of liberation, then business and commerce will be done with God-fearing. None of the least cheating mentality can be held in the heart. Besides, people have to survive from the trend of profit making by increasing the prices of essential commodities and increasing profitability.

3. Both businessmen and buyers are affected if they take falsehood in trade and business. The Prophet(sm) has specifically instructed traders to avoid falsehood.

4. Must have to abstain from fraud and fraud in a very important way as to trade and commerce. If there is any fault of the product, it should be disclosed in front of the buyer. In that case both the buyer and the seller will be benefited and their sale will be blessed.

5. No privacy can be availed of. Can not increase the price of the goods by cheating. If there is no desire to purchase, it is a serious offense in Islam to make the price of goods upside down to deceive the real purchaser.

The Prophet (sm) said, Do not deceive the buyer by raising the price
on the price of the customer to deceive you. '

Destruction for those who reduce the weight When they measure something from the people, they take it altogether. And when they measure or weigh them down, then they will decrease. Do they not see that they will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment, on the day when all the people will stand before their Lord '(Quran : Mutaphifin 1-5).

You establish fair trial and do not reduce the weight '(Quran : Ar Rahman 9)

Ultimately, in business and business, businessmen should trade with honesty, fairness and faith, to prevent illegal income and covetousness. And this is the demand of Islam. God bless us with prosperity and prosperity in this world by achieving financial prosperity and salvation in the Hereafter.

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