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How much time, labor and money we spend on organizing wedding ceremonies! But I do not do anything for marriage. Why is that so? There is no shortage of speculation in our wedding ceremony. While the essential purpose of celebrating that event, we ignore "commitment" to spend the whole life with another person. A woman told me, 'I got only two months to think about marriage. I fell in love, so did not have time to think about anything else. '

Many couples mistakenly think that they do not need to get any advice before marriage, if they can avoid the conflict, then everything is fine. However, it is important that the conflict between a certain level of time is necessary for a healthy marriage and a pre-consultation opportunity to discuss issues related to possible problems.

Please accept the pre-consultation before marriage.

According to Lisa Keeft, family and marriage researcher, taking prior counseling will help you in the following areas:

1) Discuss the expectations about mutual roles. It is important to talk about each other's responsibilities and duties to a married couple. For example: Who can handle the financial side and who will look after the tasks of the house etc. In the future, discussions of everyone's responsibility, future expectations are cleansed and cleaned by each other.

2) Investigate each other's personal and religious beliefs. Learn about the views of both of them about music, hijab, eating slaughtered animal meat, following a particular math, etc. If you talk about these things during the time, you can understand how much you are fitting for each other. It will know how to deal with people of different opinions.

3) Talking about each other's family and family. We learn from our parents and family members about the majority of the issues involved in a relationship. When it comes to identifying the basic effects of life and talking about the rituals used in them, it can be understood what role they can play in a married life.

4) Improve interaction and problem solving skills. The better connections that exist between the couple, the more effectively they can solve their problems. This will involve you briefly and you will often understand each other.

5) For the genuine genebas, make a goal for married life and for family life. Remember, you are going to commit to sharing your life with another person. Is it not important to discuss how they want to see their future in a while? Where do you want to see yourself in the next three years of marriage? How many children expect? Creating an outline of future life is a great way to understand each other. This makes mutual commitments stronger.

Couples can get rid of many emotional distress and conflict conflicts by taking pre-consultation advice. One of the main issues of Islam is to ensure that the problem is not created rather than finding solutions to the problem. Therefore, it is necessary for us to take pre-consultation and education for leading priests and community leaders. This will be a surefire investment in a happy couple and healthy marriage.

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