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First of all, pride is a hated characteristic that is a feature of Iblis and his companions, those people whose hearts Allah sealed or sealed. The first thing that was proud is that he is cursed Iblees Satan, to Allah and His creatures. When Allah ordered him to prostrate Adam (A), then he was proud and refused to prostrate.
Iblis said, "I am better than him, you have made me out of the fire and made him from the ground", Allah said, "And of course, I created you, then made the shape shaped, then I told the angels, prostrate to Adam, then Everyone bowed down to Adam, except Iblis, he was not involved in prostrating. "Allah said," When I gave instructions Prostrated seemed not to? Iblis said, "I am better than him, you created me from the fire and created him by dust" [al-Araf; 7: 11-12]

The arrogance and arrogance is one of the many characteristic aspects of Iblis, so if one wants to boast, he should understand that he has a feature of the devil, and he is not like those who obeyed their Lord and prostrated themselves. In addition, because of arrogance, a man can be denied from Paradise and will not be able to look up to those arrogant people till Allah sees them.

There are various types of arrogance. Some are mentioned:

1. When someone does not accept the truth and contradicts them. We have already read in the hadith of Abdullah bin Mas'ud, "Haughtiness is to reject the truth and see the man short".

2. When someone praises himself by looking at his own looks, looks and abilities, or because of his good food and clothes, he feels proud and boasts himself bigger than himself. Narrated by Abu Huraira, Rasulullah (s) said, "A man was walking, he was riding his clothes on the ground with pride, his hair was tidy, and Allah ordered the earth to swallow him and till the day of the last judgment Thus, the dirt will remain under the ground ". [Sahih al-Bukhaari, 3297, Muslim 2088] In reference to the incident of another arrogant person, Allah  said, "He got the fruit, then in the context, he said to the partner," I am more fortunate than my wealth and more powerful than you. " [Al-kahf 18:34].

One way to survive from danger is to think of myself as everyone else and at the same time remember them as me. They are also born like an original mother and father like me, and the look is true scale of excellence. Allah says in the Qur'an, "Indeed, it is among you who is most respected to Allah, whose worship is more." [Surah al-Jurat 49:13]

He also said, "Do not walk proudly in the earth, surely you will never be able to split the earth, The mountains will not be the same. "[Surah Bani Israel, 17:37] Our Lord also says:" Do not despise human beings in arrogance. Indeed, Allah does not like any arrogant arrogant. When you walk in the earth, you adopt moderate means and lower your voice, and the voice of the donkey is undoubtedly the worst. " [Lukas 31: 18-19]

Al-Qurtubi said, "Do not walk proudly in the world" has been encouraged by the arrogance and arrogance of arrogance. In this verse, the meaning of the word mirah (here in the sense of a proud walk) means excessive joy, while boasting while walking and high thoughts about yourself It also refers to observation. Qatadah said that by showing people walking through it, and walking without any kind of complacency.

Another remedy for arrogance is to keep in mind that on the last day of judgment, they will be gathered in a small form like an ant, and all the people will crush them under the feet. Everyone hates people who hate them as Allah hates them too. People love modest, civilized, polite and quiet people and hate those who are cruel and cruel, and who are not modest in their behavior. Keeping away from pride is easy to get rid of from pride. It should be remembered that all of us have been born from the unclean semen and death is also in the muddy carcass. And we carry our body which carries the burden of most of its excretion. What about us so proud?

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