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Allah says: Surely the pious people will live in gardens and springs. (It will be said to them): Enter it with peace and security. I will remove the jealousy in their hearts; They will stay in the fray facing each other. Do not touch them, and they will not be expelled from it. (Surah Hijr 45-48). 
He said, O my servants! Today you will have no fear, nor will you grieve. Those who believed in my verse and were surrenders (Muslims). Enter you into heaven, with you and the religious people along with you. The gold dish and the drink will be brought back among them, there are all the things that the mind wants and the eyes are satisfied. There you will live forever. This is heaven, which you have earned as a result of your actions. There you have abundant fruits, from which you will eat. (Surah Zukhruf 68-73)

He said in another place, "Surely the conservatives will be in safe places - in gardens and in fountains, they will wear fine and thick silk clothes and face face-to-face. That will happen to them; And they will marry them in front of the audience. There they will be asked to bring different fruits safely. (In this world) they will not taste there death after the first death. And He will protect them from the punishment of hell. (This is the reward), as a mercy from your Lord. That is the great achievement. "(Surah Dukhan 51-57)

Allah said, "Blessed are those who are blessed. They will be sitting in well-decorated seats. You will see the refreshment in their faces. They will be made to drink seals from the pure beef. Its seal is Muskratri. And the contestants should compete for it. The combination of Tasnim (water) This is a spark, which will be the near ones drink it. (Sura Mutffeeen 22-28)

There are many other verses in this verse.
 Here are some Hadiths mentioned

1) Jabir (R) narrated that he said, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The people of Paradise will eat in Paradise; But urine will not bathe, they will not nose or even urine. Rather, they will be exposed to the food and the muscular odor (will be out of the body). In them, the automatic power of recitation of Tasbeeh and Takbir will be thrown, as the power of breathing has been automated. "(Muslim, 2835, Abu Daud, 4741).

2) Narrated by Abu Hurayrah, he said, the Messenger of Allah says, "Allah Almighty said," I have prepared things for my righteous servants, who have not seen any vision, have not heard any thing, and about whom there is no concept of human beings. If you wish, you can read this verse; Which means, "Nobody knows what priceless reward is hidden for him as a reward for his deeds." (Sura Sajdah 17).

4) In another narration of Bukhari and Muslim, "(heaven) their feet will be gold, their sweat will be as sweet as musk, For each of them, there will be two wives, whose beauty, due to the beauty of the bone bone marrow, can be seen. There will be no disagreement between them. There will be no mutual hatred. The hearts of all of them will be like a heart. They will continue to read Tasbeeh in the morning and evening. "

Narrated by Mughir bin Shuba (R), the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Moses asked his Lord, 'Who will be the lowest among the people of heaven? Allah has said, he will be a man who will come (last) after all the Paradise people enter Paradise. Then it will be said to him, 'Enter Paradise.' He will say, 'O Lord! How do I enter (where)? All the people have occupied their places and have taken their part. 'Then it will be said to him,' Are you satisfied with that in the kingdom of the earth, will you be ruled by a king? 'He will say,' Lord! I am pleased with it. 'Then Allah will say,' It is for you. And equals her, is equivalent to her, equals her, is equivalent to her (that is, her four times reign). "She will say in the fifth time," O my Lord! I am (in) the same. "Then Allah will say," This is for you and its tenth (the kingdom has been given to you). "Also, all the things that you desire for your heart, and your eye will enjoy contentment. He will say, 'I am satisfied, O Lord!'

Musa (R) said, "O my Lord! And who will be the highest level of heaven? 'Allah said,' They will be those servants whom I want. To whom I have planted the honorable tree in my hands, and I have placed the seal on it (so that no one else can see it). So no eye has seen it, no ear has heard it, and no human has imagined it.

Narrated by Abu Sa'id Khudri (R), the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The great Lord will address the people of Paradise and say, 'O inhabitants of heaven!' They will answer, 'O our Lord! I am present, you have all the happiness and goodness in your hands. "Then Allah will say," Are you satisfied? "They will say, 'What has happened to us, that we should not be satisfied?' O our Lord! You have given us the things which you have not given to any creature. 'He will say,' Will you give me something better than this? 'They will say,' What could be better than this? 'The Lord will reply, 'I will put my satisfaction on you. Then I will never be angry with you.

Narrated by Suhaib (R), the Prophet said, "When the people of heaven enter heaven, the Most blessed God will say, 'Do you want me to give more for you?' They will say, 'Are you our face Did not brighten? Then, Allah will remove the veil (and they will see his face), then you will not remove us from the hell. " Therefore, in the happiness of heaven, the blessings of the Lord will be the most beloved among the people of Heaven.

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