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I never felt the eagerness to find Allah.
When there was nothing to do, I used to spend time looking at any old book or building. I never imagined I would be Muslim. I did not even want to become a Christian. I had a great disgust for any institutional religion. I did not think of any ancient book that would guide my way of life. Even if someone asked me to take a religion with millions of dollars, I would have denied it directly. One of my favorite writers was Burton Russell. According to him, religion is a little better than superstition, generally harmful to people, although there are also positive things about it. He believed that religion and religious perspectives blocked the path of knowledge, increased fear and reliance. Moreover, religion is largely responsible for the war, torture and misery in our world. I thought, I'm fine without religion. I wanted to prove that religion is a fraud. I thought of doing the planned work to humiliate religion. 'Yes, I am a Muslim now.'

I have accepted Islam by declaring

And there was no way to do it. I have been loyal, have been forced to accept Islam. It is a matter of fact, when I talked to people with religious beliefs, especially Muslims, I often noticed, they had the desire to believe. The more conflicting topics in their scriptures, they are wrong, they hold the religion unimaginatively to avoid everything. They know what they believe. Personally, I never wanted to find Allah, I never had that desire. One day a friend asked me about the existence of Allah in Islam, I was angry.

When a person wants to believe something, there is often a feeling in him, which makes him interested in accepting it. There was such a concept in religion about me. I just wanted to believe religion as a bad thing. Such beliefs are not based on any concrete evidence, it is not. This kind of belief developed on mere assumptions. When I read a religious book, I did not have any bias towards them, but my intention was to find fault-proofs. As a result, I could remain steadfast towards my purpose.

I got the paperback translation of my Quran free of cost. One day, I saw some of the MBA boys delivering the Qur'an. I asked, are they free? When they answered yes index, I went with one. I had no interest in these books. I just got free to say. But my purpose was to read more defects if you read the book, but it can be used against the religion. The copies I got, its leaves became dirty, it was too old, it was too old. But as much as I read, the more I became subjected to submission. It is completely different from the religious books I have read before. I understand the meaning easily. Everything was clear. I remembered, when a friend of mine used to understand how Allah was in Islam, I was angry, but after seeing the leaves in many places, I was able to see it clearly, 'Surely Allah is Forgiver, Most Merciful'. Talking about, I got involved in my life. This is an 'old book' but perfectly relevant. Its poetry, imagination, and the way the message conveys, shakes me from the heart. I have never experienced this unprecedented beauty. The gust of wind in the wilderness, everything turned upside down. I think I'm running for something.

The Qur'an reacted with my understanding

The Quran said to me to look at me and think, think, think about it. It refuses blind faith, but promotes reasoning and intellect. The Qur'an invites people to goodness, asking God to acknowledge, as well as speaking about modernity, humanity, sympathy. Shortly thereafter, my interest in changing my life was intense. I started reading other books about Islam. I saw that there are many prophecies in the Quran, there are many hadiths in it. I saw the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) being corrected in many places in the Holy Quran. I was curious. It is understood that he is not the author of the book.

I started walking on a new path, the light of the holy Qur'an and the streets shown by Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)
There is no evidence of falsehood in this person. He used to pray the whole night, used to tell the wrongdoers to forgive, encourage kindness. He used to deny wealth and power, only to proclaim the pure message of God's worship. And in doing so, tolerated the brutal torture.

Everything is simple, easy to understand. We have been created. None of the complex and diverse things in this universe happened by accident. The common thing is that the person who created us, has to follow him. Thinking about the artificial lighting of my apartment and the weight of the wind, I read this verse in the Qur'an: "Do not the unbelievers think that the heavens and earth were closed, then I opened them both, and everything I made from water was made from water. Will they still not believe? "[Qur'an 21:30] After this verse my head was divided into two parts. That's the Big Bang theory (this is not just a theory) ... All living beings have been created from water, scientists have just discovered it. It was a matter of surprise. It was the most exciting and most alarming time in my life. I started studying books after the book, I checked the information. One night, I was looking at open books in the Pratt Institute Library. My face may have been a bit gimmicky. What was going to happen, I did not understand. But I felt that what is in front of me is the truth. I did not exist anymore what I thought to be true. Now I had two options. There was no alternative in this one. I could not deny what I discovered, I could not be ignored. Thinking that I will continue as before, I thought that for a little while. That was not even possible. 'There was only one way open to me.'

There was no other way except to accept Islam in front of me.
Doing something else meant to deny the truth.

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