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If you have the idea that if there was indeed a 'God Almighty', then there would not have been so much sorrow, hardship, war, lack, and sickness in the world - that does not mean that there is no God Almighty. It means that you did not understand that Allah created the earth for it. Having no problem in the world does not mean that there is no any gracious Creator, but it is proved that you have made a concept of the Creator himself, which is not right. If an ants challenge people - "You do not have so much intelligence? So why do you build houses on the ground? If we are under the ground like us, can you? "If the ants here are intelligent, they should be under the soil, which is ridiculous. In the same way, it is ridiculous that humans define the existence of the Creator by using the definition itself, by making a definition of the Creator himself.

Secondly, who has taught you mercy? If there was no problem in the world, there would have been no injustice, no bad things would have happened, then you would understand what was 'bad' and then what did you mean 'good'? The question of mercy comes only when there is an evil event. Mercy does not exist if there was no evil. Rather you have the sense of compassion that proves that someone is someone who has given you the sense of mercy! Otherwise, how did you come to think of this idea? It is not a physiological idea like hunger that you got this idea when you became a monkey through evolution!

Thirdly, if Allah Almighty is merciful, He will not allow anyone to do anything wrong, who told you? Parents love their children very much, but because of this, they surely do not take away the freedom of their children's thinking and do not interfere in every work. Children do wrong, then punish for them. Parents always try to make the children not as bad as possible, giving advice to stay away from wrong. Allah does so with us.

Fourthly, you are assuming that Allah is responsible for all sorrows in the world. There is no hand of people here. Why did God not make any arrangements for which man should never hurt others? We often think about time and time, we blame Allah for what we blame. As you may see the hardships of African people in Africa, why do they give so much trouble to God? God sent African countries with many natural resources. They had oil, there was diamond, there was gold, there was gold. But no profit. In order to pour money into their pockets, their businessmen have signed contracts with Western companies, all oil, gas, diamonds and gold smuggled to the western countries. As a result, the country's economy will be destroyed due to the destruction of the country's economy. If the governments of the poor countries in Africa were transparent and efficient in foreign policy, they would think for the people of the country without keeping their commissions secret, they kept secret of natural resources until they could create themselves the skilled workers in their own country and not enjoy the natural resources themselves, This would not have happened. Allah gave a great amount of natural resources to those countries, as if he gave to Malaysia. But Malaysia has become a big big man who enjoys their wealth in their own country. On the other hand, African countries have become faker by allowing foreign companies to take the natural resources in exchange for a small commission.

“Allah does not harm human beings, but human beings do harm to man. (Quran:10:44).”

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