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Many young people may want to get married because their friends are getting married, some parents are pressurizing, to get married, someone wants to get married for the liberation from family problems. Some people are curious to see someone else's physical beauty or marry because of money. Some find a partner, someone wants to get married to get a strong family support that is possible through a marriage Again, as a Muslim, the Sunnah of the Prophet's wish to marry as a worship.

When two boys and daughters begin to travel with the intention of living with another human being, they need a lot of preparations. They combine the two families, here is a matter of adjusting themselves * with another family. There are many types of characteristic, without which the problem is unnecessary * Single * Life is spent but married is also necessary. So, if there is pressure or tension in the absence of these, no other person will have any responsibility, suffering will happen.
At present, many children are sitting in the middle of the television media and commercials, thinking about marriage to some of the modern dating type. Only endless happiness, blissful joy However, after the marriage, toothbrush can be seen here why, why do the towels, there are differences in the type of small things of type one another, At the beginning of the marriage, due to the overflowing of love, they ignored these, but even after some time, these minor differences of opinion began to become unbearable.

Indeed, there is a need for some mental preparation for family life. I see, love, love, and marry with a smile - these are all wrong thoughts and actions that lead to unhealthy married life. A western psychologist and a council of Marriage Council wrote that she insisted on considering marriage responsibilities before marriage. It is important to accept and keep family and private responsibilities.

The question is, how do you know that you are really ready to get married? And more precisely, how do you make sure that you are ready to marry a specific person you choose? It's important to know yourself if you are ready for a wedding. For this reason, you should sit down to make some personal calculations and identify your own weaknesses and identify your weaknesses. You need to know how God relates to you, and how do you expect God's relationship with your partner?

 Are you really ready to share your life with someone else?
 Are you ready to take responsibility for the formation of your family, to compromise on different issues, work together with the partner / partner, meet your personal and family goals?
 It is important to know what you want to do, to know how much you will contribute to your family after marriage, and to make a healthy, happy family.

To know if you really want to get married and are ready to get married, the pre-wedding knowledge is very important. Some knowledge and ideas can be known about how a relationship might be after marriage, due to this effort. Pre-Marital Counseling is done regardless of religion in the Western world.

Insha Allah, you can find out the reason for urging you to increase the relation between you and Allah. Most people also see what they are - before they understand that they marry, there are many complications, it has a role in the back of uncomfortable family relationships.

Your speech, vocabulary = total communication skills
Calculate the budget and the money
Restraining anger
How to handle it with someone else's problem
If you are concerned about the solution, you are ready to solve
These are all very essential qualities for marriage. So, if possible, it should be counseled with someone if possible.
Before choosing one's life, one needs to keep in mind, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

"Women can be married in front of four things: her wealth, her heritage, her beauty, and her religion. In this case, be victorious for the righteous wife, and your hand will be filled with good. "[Bukhari and Muslim] - [5].

Tolerance is very important when two new people start living together after marriage. Everyone basically only thinks about their * received * or * desires *, and therefore there is a possibility of being irritable.

Family is the most important institution of the whole world. Anarchy in the Muslim society will be created if there is unrest in the family. If there is no peace in the family, it creates the possibility of falling. If there is no peace in the family, then members can become indifferent and inadequate to observe the responsibilities of their religion. And so, this decision is very important.

Let the Muslim youths do not jump to love, to protect the character for the sake of the world and the hereafter, to control the mind, to control the mind. To be a successful believer, it is important to keep yourself calm. [4] Along with this, praying for God in prayer is necessary. A beautiful couple are: "Rabbana hublana min azwazina wa zuriyatina kakurata ayunin wa jaalna lil muttakkina imama".

Meaning: "Our Lord, grant us the comfort of our eyes from our wives and our offspring, and make us an example for the righteous." [Surah Furqan: 74]

May Allah bless our Muslim brothers and sisters, have mercy on them, make them worthy of Allah's good pleasure. With the formation of a beautiful beautiful family, the Muslim Ummahshould be free from the corruption of the people, and the new Muslim community will be able to offer the true religion to the new generation. May Allah bless us all.

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