Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Allah himself has announced

And he did not make any disturbance to you regarding religion (Quran Al-Hajj: 78).
In all the aspects of religion, Allah gave this trouble-free way of life. Many examples of this can be given. But here's a brief example of two examples.

Iman is the real foundation of Islam. In this matter, Allah has given such discomfiture or exemption that if anyone is afraid of life, because of any pressure or condition, I do not believe in Islam, Allah will not punish him (Quran: Nahl: 106).

It is obligatory to pray. But in many of these, Allah has given a lot of resistance. Sitting in the prayer, lying or standing, earning with gestures, and allowing me to read briefly.

God knows, we humans. We have weaknesses, there are many limitations. In view of this fact, we have given a lot of flexibility in the fundamental issues of Islam. But due to our corrupt and shallow knowledge, we make our Islamic life very difficult and heavy. Our knowledge is often divided and unitary. So, we may have trouble getting into trouble.

In fact, if the extent of knowledge can be increased, then the horizons of the eye are also detailed. As a result, it is easy, beautiful and pleasant to roam in the Islamic world.

Following Islam is not necessarily a problem, if we have good knowledge. Islam certainly does not make trouble in life, but rather reduces trouble.

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