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Muslims believe that this worldly life is the preparation period of the eternal life of the Hereafter. When a Muslim dies, he is dressed in white clothes and buried in a proper process. Muslims think it is an opportunity to remember the last duties towards the dead and to reconsider the immanence of this worldly life.
Whether it has a new life after death or not, it does not cover science, because science works with sensible information. One significant fact is that scientific research and research have been started in the current institutional form only a few centuries ago. But with the concept of the post-death life, people are known from the time of the dead.

All the messengers sent by the Creator have called upon mankind to serve God and to believe in later life after death. They emphasized the importance of belief in later life after death, that the slightest suspicion was considered to be equivalent to denying the Creator, and this suspicion failed their 'faith' affair. Despite the great difference between the time and place of the arrival of the Prophets in the world, their firmness and similarity in their subsequent life after death proves that they came to know about this from the same source - which is the revelation. We also know that the prophets of Allah faced the most obstacles and problems from the people in the matter of the Hereafter, because this thing seemed impossible to them. But despite many obstacles, the Prophets have followed many sincere people.

Now the question is: why the followers of the prophets took the risk of being expelled from society by opposing the beliefs and practices of their ancestors established and prevailing in their society?

The answers are simple: they used to understand their 'mind' and 'true'. Did they know the truth through the feeling of their senses? No, because the later life of death can not be realized by senses. In fact, the creator has given more sense to the people as well as the ability to think logical thinking, beauty and moral awareness. And this sense of human being makes people aware of such realities, whose knowledge can not be gained by the senses. For this, all the prophets used to stir up their rational thinking, beauty and moral awareness while calling upon people to believe in Allah and the Hereafter. For example, when the idol worshipers of Makkah deny the possibility of posthumous life after death, by the logical statement that the absurdity of their position in the Quran is:

Elsewhere in the Qur'an it has been clearly mentioned that there is no logical basis for denying the non-believers of the Hereafter. They are only conjecture on assumptions:

"They say," Our worldly life is only finished; We die and live, we destroy ourselves at the same time. They have no knowledge about this. They only guess and speak. When our clear revelations are recited to them, they have no logic except to say that if you are truthful then bring our forefathers. "(Surah Jassiyah, 45: 24-25).

Surely Allah will resurrect the dead. But each of his actions has its own plans. A day will come when the entire universe will be destroyed and then the dead will be resurrected to stand before their Lord. That day will be the beginning of a life which has no end, and on that day everyone will be rewarded according to the good and evil deeds done by him. The Qur'an gives the explanation of the later life of death, which demands the moral sense of humanity. In reality, if there is no life after death, there is no relevance to the belief in the Creator, or in that case the creator will be one who is indifferent about man and who is not a good judge, who has created man and left him unaware of the creation. But the Creator, who is the justifier, will punish the tyrants who are wicked, who killed hundreds of people and created turmoil in society, who forced many people to follow his wish. But the life of man on earth is temporary, so it is not possible to reward them for their sins or punishments of virtue. The Qur'an is very firmly proclaiming that the Day of Judgment will certainly come and the Creator will determine the destination of each soul according to his actions:

"The unbelievers say," The Hour will not come upon us. " Say, why not come? By my Lord - surely it will come. He knows about the invisible. In the heavens and on the earth, there is no amount of molecules hidden behind him. Nor is there any lesser or greater than that - all are recorded in a clear book. He will reward those who believe and do righteous deeds. For them there is forgiveness and honorable provision. And those who strive against Our revelations to frustrate them, for them there is a painful punishment. (Surah Saba, 34: 3-5).

The day of judgment is the day when the integrity and mercy of the Lord will be revealed in full form. The Lord will show mercy to those who suffer tribulations in His life in the hope of achieving ultimate marvelous success. But those who are ungrateful to the blessings of their Lord and ignore the ultimate success, they will be subjected to extreme untimely plight. According to the differences between them, the Qur'an says:

"Whom I have promised a good promise, which he will get, is equal to the one whom I have given the enjoyment of the life of this world, then on the Day of Resurrection he will be presented as a criminal." (28:61).

The Qur'an further asserts that the life of the world is basically the crop of life after death. Nevertheless, those who deny this unshakable truth become slaves of their own desires, and become proud of the righteous, the pious. Such people return only when they face death, but they will not be given any chance even if they expect to return to the world at the time. The plight of the days of death, the horrors of the Day of Judgment, and the assurance of the ultimate success of devoted believers is very well described in the verse:

"When death comes to one of them, he says:" O my Lord! Send me back (to the world), that I may do righteousness, which I have not done. 'Nay, this is nothing but a word of her. There is a curtain in front of them until the Day of Resurrection. Then, when the trumpet is blown, there will be no ties between them on that day, nor will they question each other. Those whose scales are heavy, they will be successful, and those whose scales are light will lose their lives, they will live forever in Hell. The fire will burn their faces and they will be in it a terrible shape. "(Surah Al-Mu'minoon, 23: 99-104).

Yakin's conviction on the post-death life does not guarantee success in the Hereafter only, but it also makes people dutiful and responsible and contributes to their worldly life in peace and happiness. Think of the Arabs who were once unaware of the Hereafter. Then gambling, wine, clan, riot, killing was a routine matter. But they have only become one of the best organized nations in the world to bring faith to one voice and the next. They abandoned all forms of crime, helped each other in need, and addressed all internal disputes with fairness and equality. Otherwise, the consequences of disbelief in life after death are not only in the Hereafter but also in the world. When the whole nation is oblivious about this, then anarchy, chaos, fascism greatly affected the society and finally destroyed it. The Qur'an highlights the horrific consequences of Aad, Thamud and Pharaoh in this way:

"Aad and the tribe of Thamud belied the maelstrom. Then the tribe of Thamud was destroyed by a dreadful catastrophe, and the tribe of Ad was destroyed by a fierce windstorm that he had flown on for seven nights and eight days. You used to see them that they were overwhelmed like the trunk of the unseen date. Do you see any trace of them? Pharaoh, his predecessors, and the slum dwellers of the slums committed serious sin. They disobeyed the Messenger of their Lord. So He seized them with a hard hand. When there was a flood, I carried you in the moving vessel so that it was a memorial for you, and the ear accepted it as a useful way to get it. When the trumpet will be blown - a single blast, and the earth and the mountains will be lifted up and crushed to pieces, and on that day the hour of resurrection will occur. On the day when the heaven will be split and scattered, and the angels will be on the edge of the sky, and eight angels will carry the Throne of your Lord above them. On that day you will be present. None of your things will be hidden. Then whoever will be given his book in his right hand, he will say; 'Now you also read my book. I knew that I should face my account. "Then he will live a happy life, in a high garden. Its fruit will be lowered. Eat you and drink in satisfaction with what you sent in the past days. Whose account will be given in his left hand, he will say, 'Oh, if my book was not given!' I would not have known my account! Oh, if my death was over. My wealth has not benefited me. My power was wasted. It will be said to the angels: Take hold of it, embrace it, then throw it into the hell, then churn it to a chain of seventy yards long. Certainly he did not believe in Allah Almighty and did not encourage the poor to feed him. Therefore, on this day, he has no merit and no food, except wounds, he will not eat except sinners. "(69: 4-39).

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