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Fundamentalism: The fundamentalist is said to believe that it is a fundamental concept or belief that fully abides. If a person wants to be a surgeon, he must literally and deeply follow the knowledge of medicine. If you want to be an individual mathematician, he must believe in basic mathematical science and follow it. That is, he must be a fundamentalist in the field of mathematics. To be a good scientist, a person should know the basic formulas and issues of science, act on it and apply it to a person's life.
Not every fundamentalist is the same: all fundamentalists should not be included in the same queue. And nobody can say all the fundamentalists unilaterally good or bad. They are classified based on a fundamentalist belief or ethics. A fundamentalist thief or robber damages the society through his work and, naturally, is undesirable. On the other hand, a fundamentalist doctor devoted himself to the welfare of the society. So his fundamentalism is desirable.

I am proud to be a Muslim fundamentalist

I am a fundamentalist Muslim because I know and understood the basic prohibition of Islam in the grace of Allah and I try hard to obey it. Never being ashamed of being a real Muslim fundamentalist. I am proud of being a real Muslim, because I know that Islam brings good fortune to the whole world and mankind. There is no provision of Islam which can be harmed either by human beings or against human welfare. Many people believe misconceptions about Islam and some rules or teachings of Islam are biased and wrong. This is because of inadequate and incorrect knowledge about Islam. If someone studies deeply about the principles of Islam, then who will deny who will deny that Islam is a beneficial life-saving life for life and whole life.

Islam means peace: the word of Islam comes from Salam, which means peace. The main purpose of this religion is peace and its true followers are working for global peace. In the same way every Muslim is fundamentalist who sincerely adhere to the fundamental principles of Islam in their religion of peace. He only appeared as a terrorist to the people involved in non-social activities to maintain peace and order in the society.

Islam was spread by the sword? Many ask that how can Islam be called the religion of peace when it spread through the sword? Many non-Muslims complained that if the power is not spread by Islam, it can not be possible to have millions of Muslims all over the world. Through the following discussion, we will realize that Islam is spreading not only with the power of the sword, but also with the truth, science and logical knowledge.

Islam means peace: Islam comes from the word 'Salama' which means peace. Another meaning is the surrender to Allah (Sub). So Islam is the religion of peace that can be attained through surrendering to the great creator Allah Almighty.

In some cases it is necessary to use force to maintain peace: every person in the world is in a position to maintain peace and harmony in the world. There are many people in the world who destroy peace for protecting their interests. So sometimes it is necessary to use force to maintain peace and order. For the same reason, police force them to stop people from working in anti-social activities in a country. Islam is for peace. As well as wherever torture is observed in the world, Islam forces to fight its arms. Sometimes it becomes necessary to use force to fight against torture. Energy is applied only to maintain peace and order in Islam.

Historian De Lacie and Larry say: "Islam has spread through the sword" This statement has been pretty opposed by historian D. Laassie and Larry on his 8th page of Islam and Cross Road. History proves that Muslims have established Islam in different nations by using force through the sword that is a false thought which is known by many historical times and times.

Spain 800 years of Muslim nation: Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years. Later, Christian Crusaders came to Spain and evicted Muslims. Then there was no Muslim in Spain who could offer Azan publicly.

Allah said"Invite people to Allah with knowledge and good words, and speak logically to them with good and vulgarity."[Quran : 16: 125]

In the 1986 edition of 'Alamnak' Readers Digest, from 1934 to 1984, in this semester, a statistic was given on the spread of various major religions of the world. This article is published in The Plain Truth magazine. Islam was above all, whose spread rate was 235% and Christian religion, whose spread rate was only 47%. Can anyone say that any war of this century has inspired people to accept Islam?

Islam is the fastest spread in America and Europe: Islam is the fastest spreading religion in America and Europe today. Western Amazon is forced to accept a sword?

Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson really told the truth, "Those who think that when the unbounded bombs come in the hands of the Arabs, they do not understand that Islam's bomb has already exploded. It has exploded immediately after the birth of Muhammad (SM). "

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