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Qiyamat is the implementation and symbol of the miraculous power of Allah Almighty. In view of the extreme interest of the world to know about the horrific environment of the Qiyamat, Allah's time has been kept secret. No prophet or angel also knows its impending duration. But many people of the common people, especially the Umayyad Muhammad, have expressed their interest to know the matter again and again, Allah has conveyed the message of preserving the confidentiality of the people in different ways.
Allah said,

People ask you about Qiyamat. Say: It is in the knowledge of Allah. How do you know that it may be possible soon? ' (Quran: Ahazab 63).

Blessed is the One who is in the heavens and the earth and all between them. With Him is knowledge of the Qur'an, and to Him you will be returned. (Quran: Jukruf:  85)

The Day of Judgment will certainly come, and I want to keep it secret so that everyone will get the results according to their actions. So whoever does not know the knowledge of science and follows his own desires, let him not turn you away from it. If you stop, you will be destroyed! ' (Quran: Towha: 15-16).

To Allah belongs the secret of the heavens and the earth. The matter of the Qur'an is such as the twinkling of an eye, or even closer. Surely Allah is Able to do all things. (Quran:Nahl 77).

The Day of Resurrection will be an unimaginable and inexhaustible great day. In the backdrop of the creation of human rights, the announcement of the upcoming Day of Judgment is also hidden in this amazing mystery. Through this, the highest and most important features of the month have been preserved.

Despite being informed of the Almighty's infinite power, due to lack of deep analysis, a large group becomes disbelieving in the Qiyamat. As a result, there is a contradiction between both the believing and the unbelieving parties.

Qiyamat certainly will come, there is no doubt in it. But most people do not believe '. (Quran:Believer 59)

To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. On the day when the judgment will take place, the falsifiers will be losers. (Quran:Jachia 27).

It is said that God's promise is true, and there is no doubt about it, then you say, we do not know what is the price. We only do the idea and we are not sure about it. Their evil deeds will be revealed to them, and they will mingle with the punishment they mock. ' (Quran:Jachia 32-33).

In today's world, modern scientists or astronomers have announced the destruction of the earth by natural disasters and have also mentioned the date of the destruction of the earth in the last few decades. But it has not been so effective. Therefore, it is understood that nothing in this world is effective except by the permission of Allah. However, in the description of the scientists, the destruction of the world has a slight resemblance to the destruction of the city of Qibah. This information of scientists has education for the current world population. Allah has kept secret for the day of judgment. He will reveal it once, and it will start soon.

There is no knowledge of many important things for the life of the world, such as who will be born and die, what will happen tomorrow, who will be rich and who will be poor, who will be lucky, and who will be wretched, who will be blind, lame and who will be beautiful And when it will be a severe storm and rain, earthquakes and landslides, it is absolutely impossible to know for a human. But like unto the Almighty, they are known to Allah. There is nothing that can be impossible for him.

Knowledge of the knowledge of the Qur'an is only Him. Outside of his knowledge, no fruit becomes untroubled, and no female gives birth and childbirth. To them and say: Where are My associates? They will say, "We ask you that we do not know anything." (Quran:Ha-Mim Sajdah 47).

Basically it will be the last test center of human life. The best human beings of creation obey the commandments of God in this worldly world, and survived the death of the devil by prompting and counseling. Those who are able to submit to the Paradise in accordance with the injunctions of Allah or the commandments, the blessings will be for them or the center of the center. On the contrary, those who forget God and die by the evils and injustice of the world, will be turned into a center of curse, sadness and misfortune.

If the appointed time is present, it will take place at the same time. No one will have the opportunity to do any work or talk. A hadeeth of the pre-order of the Qiyamat has been narrated from Abu Huraira (ra). The Prophet (sm) said that the Qiyamat will not be established until two large groups are engaged in a great warfare. But the main demands of both parties will be one and the same. And as long as almost thirty liey Dajjal will emerge, every one of them will claim to be the Prophet of Allah. And until religious beliefs will be lifted. The number of earthquakes will increase. Time span will be narrow. (Ie time will pass quickly). Fitna-phasad and disorder will be created. Killings, killings and fights - violence will get a lot of increase. There will be abundance of wealth among you that the wealthy person will be worried and worried about the owner of wealth (for his excuse), because who will accept his excuse? Even to whom the goods will be presented, he will say that there is no need for this property. And until people will compete together in the construction of high and brightly constructed buildings. As long as a person passes through a grave (I regret it), woe! If I was in his place!

O people! Fear your Lord. Surely the quake of Qiyamat is a terrible thing. On that day you will see that every breast of the child will forget her milk, and every pregnant woman will have her abortion, and you will see people drunk. But they are not drunk; in fact, the punishment of Allah is very difficult.

When a horn is blown in the trumpet, and the earth and the mountains will be lifted up and they will be crushed with a single blow, that day will come to pass. On the day when the heavens will split asunder and the angels will be on the edge of the sky, and eight angels will carry the Throne of your Lord above them. (Quran: Haqqah 13-17).

The first sign of the Day of Resurrection will be the sound of the loud sound of singing. Together with this blow, all creatures of the world will die. The mountains and the mountains break away like dust, and the heavens and the earth will be shattered. In the Qiyamat, both the flames are proven by the holy Qur'an and the hadith. The destruction of the first blow is inevitable which is described in the above verse. Then there will be a second blast. As a result, all of them will be standing dead alive. Then Allah will be driven by the winds.

There will be a blazing fire, so that all who are in the heavens and the earth will be inclined. But Allah whom He wills Then they will be standing up and beholding. (Quran:Zuma 68)
Those who believe in Allah will be successful in Qiyamat. On the other hand, those who believe in the Day of Resurrection and disbelieve in Almighty Allah, they will fall into quenching. That is why Allah has warned all his servants about the Day of Resurrection.

In the Qur'an, Allah has reassured his precious commands many times or several times. Among them, fearful and horrifying discussion of the city is undoubtedly one of the most important. In the light of the unimaginable and desperate punishment of the Qur'an, Allah has shown the versatile verses of Qiyamat. Allah has repeatedly made the revelation in the name of the best things of His creation, and it is meant for inspiration in the heart of the servant.

I will set the benchmark of justice on Day of Judgment. So, no one will suffer minor injustice. If there is a grain of mustard seed, I will bring it and I am sufficient to take account. " (Quran:Ambia 47).

The day when the judgment will take place, the culprits will swear that they did not stay longer than one moment. Likewise they would turn away from the truth. (Quran:Rum 55).

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