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Allah will say the least punished on the Day of Resurrection, if the whole earth had wealth, would you try to get rid of this torment in exchange for the whole of the world? He will say, yes. Allah will say, while Adam was in love, I had ordered a simple matter that he would not associate anything with me. But you have disobeyed it and associated with me. "(Bukari).
The description of the Qiyamat in the Qur'an in the Qur'an differs in many different ways. But the main objectives and objectives of these descriptions are to bring humanity back to the unbelief of the present. The unique reminder of the virtues, mercy, revelation, sorrow and chastisement of the Qur'an. For this, the great condemnation of the Qiyamat, the horrific roar, the scary environment, and the promise that the reward and punishment will be implemented will be implemented. Then some conditions of the implementation moment have been described that the criminals will try to get comfort by expressing their long life time of misdemeanor. At one point, the culprits will go for the protection of Allah's severe punishment in return for all the riches of the earth. These things have been presented briefly in the above verse. For the sinful disbelievers, there are chains, bands, and hell. And for the believers and the worshipers, they are inexhaustible, which they can not imagine. About them,

Allah said,

No one knows what a reward for what he has done for himself is hidden. Similar honest man defiantly disobedient? They are not equal to those who believe and do righteous deeds, for them are the Gardens of Resurrection, as an entertainment for their deeds. On the contrary, those who disobeyed, their place is Hell. (Sajdah 17-20).

For mankind, God created all the things of the universe very beautifully and accurately. Likewise, for the development of the superiority of humans, the intrinsic nature of a huge and mass less society has created perfect and absolutely. This is the only lilabhumi of honor, fame and glory of man. Again, the way to go downstairs, dizziness, and dull abomination. Regardless of the endless and inflexible environment of the entire universe, the limited and compelling environment of personal enmity is relatively easy to control. For this, Allah, the All-Knowing, has called mankind repeatedly to remember him. Then those who remember Allah, are satisfied with His pleasure, and are guided aright. On the other hand, those who forget or ignore Allah's remembrance in the inspiration of Evil, Allah is unhappy with them. As a result, they destroy themselves by doing the work of hell. Allah will blind people in disbelief in Qiyamat.

Whoever turns away from my remembrance, his livelihood will be narrow, and we will raise him in blindness on the Day of Resurrection. He will say: O my Lord! Why was I blind? I was a sighted person. Allah will say: "Even so, Our verses came to you, and you forgot them." So you will forget today '. (Ta Ha: 124-126).

On the day when they will reveal their tongues, their hands and their feet; On that day, Allah will give them their due punishment, and they will know that Allah is the manifest who is the manifest. (Nur 24-25).

On the day the enemies of Allah will be pushed into the fire and they will be arranged in different groups. When they reach the Fire, their ears, eyes, and skin will testify about their actions. They will say to their skin, why do you testify against us? They will say that Allah, who gave the speech of all things, gave us speech. He it is Who created you for the first time, and to Him you will be returned. You do not hide anything with them from your ears, your eyes, and your skin will not testify against you. But you thought that God does not know much about what you do '. (Ha-mim-sejdah 19-22).

It will be the first man of the world to start from Adam (A) to the last man of the last day, all the people coming to the center of the center, the test center and the justice center. A small sample of what will happen there. Which is described in the above verse for all human beings. Human beings, legs, ears, eyes, skin etc. testify against themselves, it must be surprising. On that day all the people will be gathered in the field of Qiyamat, no one will be absent and everyone will be present in Allah's court.

There is no one in the heavens and the earth, nor will he appear as a slave to the Most Merciful. He has their statistics and he has counted them. On the Day of Resurrection, all of them will come to Him alone. (Mariah 93-95).

Whoever is given his book in his right hand, his account will be easy, and he will return to his family happily. And whoever is given his book from behind, he will call for death and will enter hell. (Inshakkaq: 7-12).

'On the day when they (the disbelievers) will see it, it will be as if they had stayed only one evening or one morning in the world.' (Najee'at 46).

 Allah's Messenger (sm)! Will we see our Lord on the Day of Resurrection? He said, do you see the sun in the sky without clouds? We said, no. He said, you will suffer as much as you can see the sun in the sky without clouds, and you will find it hard to see your Lord. Then he said, "On that Day, on the Day of Resurrection, an announcer will declare that those who worship what they worship should be with them. So the crucifies will go with the cross, idol worshipers will be with the statue. Thus, the followers of every one of them will approach their God. Then those who worship only Allah, they are the only ones left. Whatever they are sinful or virtuous, whatever they may be guilty or righteous. Along with that, there will be some remaining people of the People of the Book. Then hell will be brought forth. It seems like a mirage. The Jews will say, 'What you have to worship? They will say that we used to worship Allah's Betty Ezra. It will be said to them, "You are lying." God had no wife or children. (They will be called again) What do you want now? They will say, we want you to drink our water. It will be said, drink water. Then they will fall into hell. Then the Natsara (Christian) will be asked, what do you worship? They will say, "We used to worship the beta of God (Jesus)." They will be told, you are lying. God had no wife or children. (They will be asked) What do you want now? They will say, we want you to let us drink water. They will be told, all right, drink it. Then they will fall into hell. In the end, the worshipers of Allah alone will remain. There will be good people among them, and the sinners will also be there. They will be told, all the people have gone, but what has kept you? They will say, "We only rejected them when they needed more than today." We have heard the declaration of an announcer in the word that the people whom the people used to worship, be with him. We (awaiting that announcement) are waiting for our lord. The Messenger of Allah (sm) said, then Allah will come to them with great power. But the person who saw him in the first place, will not come in the same shape. He will say, 'I am your lord!' Everyone will say, yes, you are our lord. (At that time) none other than the Prophets will speak to him. Do you know any sign of him? They will say, the Taj of the beak or the foot tube. At that time the sack will be opened. Then all believers will fall prostrate. But those who prostrated themselves to Allah for the exhibition will be from them. If you want to prostrate at that time, the bones of their back bones will become hardened as a plate. (So ​​they can not prostrate).

Then the pool will bring a leaf to hell. Abu Saeed Khudri said, "We asked, O Messenger of Allah (sm)! What is pool or pool? He said, "Slippery place, on which there is iron hook and broad and curved spines, which are like thorns in the Saadan tree of Najd." Believers are able to cross over the poolside, in the twinkling of an eye, some at the speed of the wind, and at the speed of the wind and some speeding horse. Someone will survive in saheeh-salam, and someone will be crossed that his body will burn in the fire of hell. Even the last person will be able to overcome the obstacles. Today, you are not as strict as I am in the demand of the truth, but on the day of hardship (the Day of Resurrection) the believers will be with the mighty God.

Then the Almighty Allah will say, now only my Shaf'ah is left. He will bring out a group of people from hell, whose skin is blackened. Which is in front of Paradise. They will become fresh in its two streams, just as you see the seeds sprouting on the edge of the stream or by the stream flowing along the side of the tree. The sunshine in it is green, and which is in shade is white. They will be evacuated from there. Then they will feel like pearl grains. They will be sealed on their necks. When they enter Paradise, the people of Paradise will say, They are the liberated people of God. Allah has given them Paradise, whereas they did not do any work or charity. It will be said to them, "What you see are given to you, and the like amount is given to you." (Bukhari)

The Hadith narrated in the last quarter of the discussion regarding the subject has roughly reflected the omnipotence of the human race. The Prophet (sm) has interpreted a large number of verses regarding the Qiyamat, and interpreted the above hadiths above. Religious doctrines of the belief of God's unity, the different history of the consequences of the sacrifice of many devotees in the worship of many Mabuds has been beautifully highlighted in the hadith. Besides, one true believer of the worshipers of Ma'bud, and the actual picture of the last few conditions of a few believers, and also a few believers, is described in the Hadith. In essence, with the interpretation of the verses of the holy Qur'an, the hadith is fully incompatible and the evaluation of both of them is one and the same.

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