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The Quran is the last Revelation and a proof, which is not only for the fourteenth-century Arabs but also for today's scientists.
For those who are living in the twentieth century-which will soon become the twentieth century, the most notable feature of the Qur'an is that most of the discovery of modern science and the Qur'an are in line with each other, and in some cases many previous concepts have been discovered in the last twenty years. 

One of the leading Western scientists in this regard is Maurice Bucaille, who wrote a book called 'Bible, Quran and Science' as a result of deep study. In this book, he compared the Bible and the Qur'anic statements on natural and scientific matters. After the analysis of the judgment, his decision is: "The Qur'an is revealed after the two previous divinities, ie the Torah and the Injeel. The words of the Qur'an that are not only free from contradiction, but in the Bible it has no evidence of any interference. If someone decides to test its statements through neutral and scientific analysis, then it will be compatible with modern scientific information. In addition, science related statements and messages are there. Yet it is unthinkable that a person of Muhammad's time could be its author.

It is not possible to explain the statements of the verses for which the modern scientific knowledge has helped us to understand the meaning of all of them. Comparing the Bible and the Quranic statements on the same topic, some fundamental differences are found. Where the Bible's description is scientifically unacceptable, the description of the Qur'an is consistent with the knowledge and information available with modern science. For example, cognitive and delusion can be taken into account. The Qur'anic Bible Supplement in the description of the events of the departure of the Jews. As archaeological discoveries have shown, the signs that can be identified in the period of Moses prove the match of the Qur'an and the description of the Bible. Apart from this, the difference between these two books is enormous. That is, actually refuting the allegation that Muhammad has come to this time, that he compiled the Quran and imitated it from the Bible and these allegations were made without giving any evidence.

It is unlikely that in the light of the excellence of the knowledge of Muhammad's time, it is unthinkable that the Qur'anic science can be related to people. Therefore, it is very appropriate to acknowledge that the Qur'an is not just a quoted scripture, rather it should be given a special dignity for the authenticity of the scientific information given therein, because the study and review of the Qur'an only proves that its human explanation is impossible. "

Some statements supported by modern science

1. Proper description of embryo and its development:

Under the prevailing theory of the time of Prophet Muhammad, Aristotle's idea was that a child was born from the clotting condition of the blood, as the pane was made. In the eighteenth century, Hartscicker claimed that he was able to see primarily made people in sperm with the help of an initial microscope. The Qur'an is not saying these things, but it is a delicate narrative of the development of the human embryo: "I have created man from the material of the soil, then I place him as a sperm in a safe hid, and after that I turn the sperm into a clot blood, then make the blood clot, Turn it into bone, and then cover the bones with flesh, then turn it into shape. I Masterly creator God is great! Then you must die. Then on the Day of Resurrection you will be resurrected. "(Surah Al-Mu'minun, 23, 12-16)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) also explained that "Nutfa" refers to both male sperm and female egg. The word "alaka" has three meanings in Arabic: (1) clinging object, (2) cluster of blood zodiac, (3) objects like a leech. Three meanings correctly describe the first step of the developing embryo. The fertilized egg is such that it grows on the uterus wall. Then, according to the size and behavior, it follows the similarity of the leech. Both leech and embryo absorb blood. It is also like a solid blood vessel. At the next level it is like chewing-up, it is also correct. It is also true that muscle and bone before the meat were made. In the Hadith of the Prophet came to you: "When forty days pass, Allah sends an angel when he shapes the embryo, makes his ears, eyes, skin, flesh and bone. Then he wants to know, "O Lord, is it male or female? And your Lord determines what He wills, and then the angels write it down. "

This exact information is telling the right time for the development of described points and it is not possible to know exactly the day of fetus exactly forty-five days. It was not possible to know before the discovery of a strong microscope a few decades ago. Keith Moore, one of the leading physiologists, professor and chairman of Anatomy Department at the University of Toronto, Canada, said these statements of the Qur'an and the statement of Sahih Hadith, "Until the nineteenth century, there was no known about the steps of human development. By the end of the nineteenth century, different steps were developed for the development of the human embryo based on the symbol of the alphabet. In the twentieth century, 23 steps are described with the help of numbers. It is not easy to follow the identification method with the help of this number, and a good method is to develop methods based on morphology. Recently, the study of the Qur'an has led to the process of identifying different steps for embryonic strain, which is easy to understand
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