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The hijab is worship, prayer like worship. This is the command of Allah. This is undoubtedly very important and timely. Allah said in the Quran, "O Prophet, tell your wives, daughters and the wives of believers, they should hang some parts of their face on themselves. This is the closest approach to identifying them. As a result, they will not be hurt. And Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. "[ Al-Ahzab, Ayat: 59]
We have seen how we have looked around us and how women have become a product of consumer goods and how they have created an irreversible situation in the free and fair society of men and women. Family and social disorder, turmoil, marital disputes and mutual distrust, divorces, and violence against women are one of the main reasons behind the fact-finding and non-women's free gathering.

Although ignorance about the screening of Islam or its inherent significance, some have called it backward, old-fashioned, disciplining of women, in the context of development, and the attempt to create a discrimination between men and women. Basically, due to this misunderstanding, in some areas of the Muslim world, the misuse of true education of Islam and the negative role of western media is responsible.

Instead of disciplining the screening system of Islam, he has elevated him to the status of dignity, introduced a uniform social system in society. Let us now look at what kind of woman has been holding women or what status she has given women to the screen. Let us see, the so-called progress, women freedom, what is the freedom of men and women has given to society or women.

Rape :
Knowing the actual number of rape is not easy. In many cases the sufferers do not report this issue. As a result, the numbers that are available, in fact, are much more. According to British police, in 1984, in this one year, more than 20,000 (twenty thousand) persecutions in Britain and 1500 (fifteen) rape cases were recorded. According to the London Rape Crisis Center, in Britain, at least five to six thousand rape cases were reported every year. And the actual number is even more than that. By the year 1994, the number had gone up to 32,000. According to the company, "If we accept the highest figures, we can say that, on average, one raped every hour in England." The situation in the United States is the worst. There is a worldwide number of rape occurring in the world. That number is four times the number of Germany, 18 times more than Britain, and nearly two times more than Japan. The most worrying and realistic is that 75% of the cases of rape occur by pre-identities and by 16% of close relatives or friends. According to the National Council for Civil Liberties, 38% of cases are male in which male rape is done by applying its official status. And 88% of women are sexually abusive at workplaces. This is the condition of the so-called developed and women-independent country of independence.

In the late twentieth century, the trend of early sexual intercourse and 'Live Together' continued to grow. Almost half of Britannia’s who were born in the 1960s gained pre-marriage intercourse experience. Their ties were that the male and female can know each other well, and after that, they get permanent status when they get married. But the reality is the opposite of it. Among the European Union countries, the maximum number of divorces in England was caused by divorce. In 1983, in the United Kingdom, in the event of one million seven forty-six thousand divorce cases, in 1994, its number stood at 1 lakh seventy five thousand. The number of divorces in the United States in the 1970s was seven lakh eight thousand, and in 1990 it stood at 11 million to seventy five thousand. On the contrary, there has not been any significant change in marriage rates.

Advertisements and pornography:
In the name of so-called women's independence, women are being used arbitrarily today, in newsletters and pornography. Women should be an essential element in product advertising today. Recently, in a report published in the Daily Janakandh in Dhaka, according to the Washington Post newspaper,

"America's girls are growing up in the environment to be sexually abusive. They are attracted towards sex in the products they are presented in front of them. Women and youth are seen as sexually-related products through American culture, especially the main campaign. According to a report recently published by the American Psychological Association (APA) Task Force on Destabilization of Girls, the producers of the airport said that the images from TV shows and magazines and music videos are visible in every single promotion through internet.

Allah said, "O Prophet! Tell the believing men to keep their eyes fixed on their eyes and guard their nakedness. This is more holy for them. Allah is well aware of what they do. "[ An-Nur, Ayat 30].

He further said, "And" (O Prophet) tell the believing women, that they should guard their eyesight and guard their nakedness. They do not reveal their beauty except what is usually revealed. They should cover their chest with their veil. And they should know that their unborn boys, who have been owned by their husbands, fathers, fathers-in-law, their own sons, husbands, sons, brothers, brothers' sons, sister's sons, their women, their right hands (crooked-hearted), under-juvenile men or women Without revealing their own beauty to others. And do not move them to reveal their hidden beauty. O you who believe! All of you repent to Allah so that you may succeed. "[An-Nur, Ayat 31]

I have already placed you before you in front of the free association of men and women, and the consequences of all the unprotected activities in the women and women can be horrific. We have seen that the apparent consequence of the crimes committed by the consent of both men and women is that women have to suffer individually. Therefore, Islam has not forbidden both men and women to look greedy towards each other, and also to refrain from all forms of physical formation, so that they can not be subjected to aggressive persecution. Islam thinks "Prevention is better than the cure" means it is better to stop its path before the accident occurs.

A woman who follows the rules of the curtain or 'hijab' on her dress and walking, she is generally disgraced and disgraced by another man. In this way, a woman can rid herself of many problems by wearing 'hijab' or 'hijab', which today women in the western world are facing difficulties.

Islam has undoubtedly constituted the nation with the status of dignity and honor in the screen, and has given him such a security, so that a woman can satisfy her activities in a more resilient manner. The screen has given calm to the Muslim women. We will surely observe that a woman who performs a veil or hijab lives a more relaxed and comfortable life. This is because Islam has reduced the importance of physical appearance to be a self-respecting woman.

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