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We should really change our lives. Because live without a plan, nothing is available without problems. He who created us has given the right guidance. If you take life according to that direction, then everything will be done right. Joy will come to life In all the bad things, there is no happiness in life. You will surround yourself with frustration. 
 Because you are giving most of the time in life to meet the needs of the body, but what is the need for the need, nothing. If you think the money needs to be drained out of the body and the need. These ideas Just follow the instructions of the person who created you only to meet the needs of self. Peace of all comes when there is peace in the world. What do you think The way you and everyone else lives the worst way of life, that is the real life. No friends That's not the right thought. If you can not find the right direction after considering the intellect, then there is no difference between you and animals. Do you think, this way life will survive. Do not ever You will be forced to change immediately. When you get sick. Feeling helpless You will be on the way to war. People around you will leave you once. Where your strength, arrogance and gravity will be. That person is a wise man who has been practicing Allah in all circumstances. You have made a God, who has always stood beside you as your partner, never deceived. People will need a time to taunt the world. Do you have the power? When you were in your mother's womb, you could do all that. It is not possible for you to control the process that is taking place every day on your stomach. But why are you disobeying God's guidance? If Allah wills, you can punish them for any wrongdoing. But he gives you a chance. Because he loves you. You are the creator of it. You are not the creator of any man made by humans. When the end of your life comes to an end, there will be nothing except despair. Read the Qur'an to get the correct information about these words. Allah has sent man through the prophet to take care of people and to get the right direction in this world.


You are going to a Creator. Your grandfather and grandmother have followed the path of death. To the creator Not the babies. Will not work with passion only Use conscience. There is no power in the image made by humans. He can not benefit anybody and harm him. But why would we go to him? Are we still young? We have our conscience. We can verify good and bad. But why does the blind years come about idols? The right way to know the Creator

1. Force. Allah is unique and unique.
2. He is not dependent on anyone.
3. He did not give birth to anyone. No one was born from anyone.
4. There is no one like him.

If the Creator had more than one, or had his family. But this creativity does not rule out systematically. Various times the rules were changed. This creature never had a single kingdom and power. Currently, in the main religion of the present world, one has been mentioned as Allah and the Prophet. There is no idol of God. But in some ages, some preachers, they are giving false teaching to the common people by thinking of their interests.

So revolve yourself. No one knows when your death will come. If the statue is destroyed by the statue, the period of hardship will begin. That stubborn people are out of the thought. Starting from the fund. Then the grave, the Resurrection ground, the Pool Sirat and the last hell. Nobody can save you from Allah's punishment. Those who showed you the path of the world, will say for a while, say to him, I told him, but he had the intellect, why would he obey me. If you do not obey Allah, Allah will not be a problem. The problem will be yours If you obey Allah's guidance and for your own personal needs Even if you do not obey Allah, every creation is worshiping him every day.

How much is the significance of Allah's command for wealth?

There is no value of wealth for the command of Allah. Because God gives this treasure to humans. Therefore, if a person thinks wealth will honor him in all cases. This idea is very different. Then you would not have followed the Imam in the mosque. When you go to the mosque, it is understood that your place is in place and Allah's true truth. Allah does not want human body to have beautiful body, sunshine, honor and wealth. He wants you to obey his instructions. So avoid being arrogant about riches. Receive the solution of the Prophet's life.

Will i forgive me?

You have done bad things in life. That is only you and Allah knows. The question might be that bad things happen gradually, God will forgive me. Allah said, O slave, if you touch the worst of the first level, touch the first sky. Although it is not possible by you. But come back to forgive me, I will forgive you. Because the bad deeds of human beings are very small to Allah's forgiveness. God is great and forgiving. Most of the people of Paradise will say, if we do not see God in the eyes of forgiveness, we would not have come to Paradise.

Finding the right medium to change life:

So, if you want to change life, choose an experienced Islamic thinker who can change it in a short time by getting the right order. Who invites people to Allah's way without interest. I am talking about a few people who can know the process of life and the process of checking it in Islam. In a short time you can find everything you need. Although there is no big solution for the Qur'an and the life of the Prophet. At present, the Qur'an and the life of the Prophet are making simple explanations, some of these people are mentioned:

B. Maulana Tarek Jamil (Pakistan)
C. Junaid Jamshed (Pakistan)
D Mizanur Rahman (Bangladesh)
E. Kazi Ibrahim (Bangladesh)

I am sorry if someone gets hurt in the above discussion. I just wanted to highlight the right thing. Think once you matter. You are in a position. False is never true. In fact, in front of falsehood, falsehood will disappear altogether. So, we should change our life to the right road. As you benefit from it, the people around you will be benefited.
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