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What is suicide?

Self-destruction means self-destruction. His soul is in great pain and suffering. Ending all the activities of your own life. Many women and men in our country, especially young women, choose to take the path of suicide in order to flee from life. Many women are choosing suicide as a way to escape from family turmoil due to poor family  feuds, havoc on the way to school, childhood failure and fraud, torture-abuse, dowry problems, husband's economic disability, husband's failure and fraud. It is a big mistake, these problems are available in all countries, all nationalities. Suicide is not a fair solution or a proper remedy for these.

In Islam's view, suicide poems sin The greatest sin after shirk. Suicides are forbidden by all the jurists and four madhhabi. Because, Allah has created man as mortal. The rich, the poor, the scholars, the king and the people will all die. In the holy Quran,

Every soul will taste the death of death, then you shall be returned to Me only. '' [Al-Ankaboot, Ayat: 57]
It is He Who gives life and causes death, and to Him you will be returned. "(Younus, verse 56).

From the above verse, it is understood that the act of killing people is only Allah's. Therefore, if someone takes up the work by himself, then he will commit himself to death, but he will conduct unauthorized conduct. Allah does not like it. Nobody expects intrusion. In Islam, suicide is considered to be a great sin. Allah has specifically instructed us to abstain from this act, and has revealed the verse in the holy Holy Qur'an by describing the harsh and painful punishment to think of its consequences.
And do not kill yourselves. Indeed Allah is merciful towards you. And whoever is unjust, he will commit suicide, certainly I will burn him, it is easy for Allah to do it. "[ An-Nisa, Ayat: 29-30].

Why and when people commit suicide?
The question of when people commit suicide? When people's wisdom and perception-realized power disappears, they are helpless and helpless, and then they commit suicide. People with various problems chose to condemn suicide. Among them are:
1. Controversy between husband and wife, suicide and conflict between dowry and suicide controversy
2. Harmonious suicide between guardian, parent and child
3. Suicide of students in response to failure of exams
4. Suffering from cure, complex and disorderly distressed person's suicide
5. Failure of love or love, or a man or a woman who is trapped in a false act, has committed suicide.
6. People or youth-youth suicides repeatedly failed in business or in the stock market.
7. Suicide killings, suicide to survive, etc.

To prevent suicide

Human life does not change every day. Personal life, family life, social life, state life change everywhere. Ever happy to cut the day, and sometimes regret it. Ever came solace. Again, poverty never happens. Sometimes there is plenty of abundance and lack of urgency. Occasionally, health is never affected by disease and grief. Sometimes it will be a happy day, and sometimes famine ever comes. Never came victory, and sometimes defeat. Sometimes the respect comes again and again assaults.

The person who believes all good and evil is in the cause of Allah. And whatever God does, there is no good in the person, he can never make a decisive decision to abandon his own life. He will remain steadfast in a thousand times in the belief that Allah is testing me. If he passes the test, he certainly will reward me. Therefore, it is necessary to resist suicide first, Islamic education and everyday life is the realization of Islam. Below we present a statistical report on suicide, it will prove how fair our claim is.

According to statistics, the rate of suicides among Buddhists and secular countries of developed world, including all communist-dominated countries, is the highest suicide rate. There is only one Muslim country among the first fifty countries. There are only four Muslim-majority countries in the first seventy five countries. The countries are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The interesting thing is that these four countries were under communist cultured Soviet Russia. These countries are also independent because of the collapse of Soviet Russia in the nineties. That means countries can not be liberated from the materialistic influence of communism today.
Moreover, although the country has four Muslim populations, the percentage of Muslims is not much like the Middle East countries. As a result, there may be more suicides among non-Muslims in these countries, and that is normal. Because, in other Muslim countries, suicide rates are very low. Just one suicide in Iran every two and a half; One in every five lanes in Syria; And one in every ten lanes in Egypt.

Some suicide information:

1. The number of traffickers is three times higher than the suicides.
2. Number of suicides is three times higher than murderers.
3. The highest suicide attempts among women
4. The number of men in successful suicide is higher.
5. Women commit suicide by consuming more deadly diseases and burning them in the fire. And men use more firearms.
6. Married couples, especially those who have children, have a lower rate of suicide.
7. Suicides have the highest number of Scandinavian countries in the world.
8. Five out of ten suicide victims left no signs or symptoms before their suicide.
9. Suicide rate is the lowest during wartime and national crisis.

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