Wednesday, January 16, 2019


The eight things that make your married life seem unstable, weak and ineffective:

1) Bad use: To make him jest so that he is hurt. Giving rebuke that would offend him in front of others. Insulting him will reduce his respect for you.

2) Ignore: I do not want to talk about his likes, feelings or words and do not give him or her attention. Maybe he gave you salam, you did not answer. He may have been saying something about his interest for some days, but you are not talking about his words without special reason.

3) False: It is not right to lie in some way. Allah has forbidden lies. May Allah protect us from the shadow of Satan. False will break your mutual beliefs.

4) Do not talk about words: Keeping words or keeping promises are the characteristics of a believer. The matter is also very important in connection with marital relations.

5) Avoiding: When you meet for a long time, we get involved with friends or brothers and we get involved. Can not you embrace your wife? If you feel uncomfortable, break it. It is very necessary to express love.

6) Be suspicious and bewilder: Never go to doubt. Suspicions destroy the relationship. Your closest companion is your closest person. But if you make a lot of hazards about him, you will undoubtedly be disappointed. People are never perfect And remember, everyone will give their own calculations. So, remove doubts. Do not talk to others about your husband or wife, each other as a blanket, small or small flaws, do not be bored.

In the Qur'an, Allah says:

"O you who believe! Live from a great deal of thought. Surely some ideas are sinful. And do not look for confidential matters. None of you should condemn anyone. Would any of you like to eat the dead brother's flesh? But you hate it. Fear Allah Surely Allah is the Acceptor of repentance, the Merciful. "- [Al-Hajurat, 49:12]

7) Very busy: Keep some time for others. Interactive conversations and times intensify the relationship. You have a duty to him, you have some responsibility. He has the right to get some time. Keep this thing in mind.

8) Do not pray and pray not: Allah is not pleased with anyone who does not worship Allah and does not pray and does not follow the guidance given by Allah. Many families have collapsed due to non-regular prayers, indecency and non-withdrawal of unlawful earnings. Due to laziness in the duty of Allah, due to laziness, there is a very rapid break in the Muslim world.

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