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Smoking is a mausoleum for the whole world. So today the movement against smoking around the world is going on. Millions of people around the world are being consumed by smoking and day after day destroys good health. Burning billions of millions of money every year. Millions of people are dying of smoking and other diseases including cancer. Some are survivors of many killer diseases, they are helplessly living in human society.
Starting from the loss of life energy, brain, lungs and heart, smoking causes innumerable and innumerable damage to the human world. All kinds of harm are caused by physical, mental, moral, financial and psychological, and simultaneous smoking. All people living with themselves, family members, mates, fellow traveler and classmates harm the smoker. Side-by-side babes, pregnant baby and frogs, seminal sperm, future descendants and countries and nations. Therefore, the people of all walks of the world are trying hard to save people from the smell of smoking.

Healthy Loss:

The amount of toxic substance that is in the body of the person who is smoked towards smoking, contains many toxic substances for the body. By their influence, the efficacy of every Antarctic body becomes increasingly endangered, and this resulted in thousands of diseases. The human body has no organs where smoking does not cause any adverse reactions. The direct reaction to smoking is:

(1) Smokers do not possess very good health and are not able to live longer than non-smokers.

(2) Smoking is lame and is responsible for some diseases that disabling.

(3) Smoke is more likely to cause all types of cancer, including mouth cancer.

(4) Breastfeeding of bronchitis, M.Caema, heart failure, stroke, bleeding in the blood vessels of the brain, bariadose's disease, gastric ulcer, etc. are caused by smoking habits.
(5) Dementia of the digestive tract, kidneys, spinal cord, and severe disorders of the reproductive system and sexual depravity have the poisonous toxicity of tobacco.

(6) Smoking during pregnancy helps to reduce childbirth and increase the mortality rate of newborns.

(7) People who engage in activities like paddy and farming, and smoke-producing factories, smoking help them to speed up or increase their occupational palmerari.

Environmental damage

(1) Bidi-cigarette smoke severely disrupts the office-court, shops, jute, educational institutions, factories, roads and home-dwellers. The overall environment is damaged and diseases spread widely.
(2) Smoking, such as the environment is destroyed in the house, as well as the pregnancy of the pregnancy of the pregnant baby also damaged baby.

Moral and social harm

There is a social decline in smoking with smoking. There is a conflict of morality and morality. Two can not move together. Dissociation of Drugs In a sense, human defeat.

(1) Bidi cigarette is an addictive extra cost. It is the beginning of stopping the person to pay the cost.
(2) It is very easy to influence people who smoke in various positions in the administration through cigarettes. Many cigarettes in the name of appaiman have long been bribe.
(3) Smoking for teachers and doctors is a serious deletion. If the elderly and the elderly smoke, their family and social status is wasted. There is no respect for them, at one stage the family and social order collapse.
(4) The hookah, the feather like the eyes turn into a whisper, similarly the bidi cigarette burns in the mouth. As a result, spreading disease of a person's mukhya banyan spread among others.
(5) Due to smoking, many people are awkward and crippled. That is, hatred and disgusting everywhere in the meeting society, mosque-madrasa, office courts and educational institutions. It is often seen that children and women avoid the disadvantage, avoid the smoker and family turmoil arises. The headaches of many cigarette smokers start up in the smoky car or taxicab. There are thousands of examples that many have vomited. The passengers do not want to smoke in the smoker's texts, and they are the hates of everyone's will.

(6) Many family members have bad habit of drinking cigarettes. In this, his children, his wife and his wife are also more damaged and more affected by the disgust of his bidi-cigarette.

(7) Bidi is like cigarette addicts, who eat it, they do not eat rice, but they do not have them when they do not have bidi-cigarettes. It's like their addiction. Even if they do not have money, they will get rid of this addiction. Many bidi cigarette drinkers do not give money to the Hawalata. For this reason, society increases manapultation and distance between people. See how harmful smoking! From my experience in the Arab country, I see that if some taxis do not rent to a passenger, then instead of paying rent, the driver will be given a bidi-cigarette. This is a very bad job.

(8) A smoker is also an indecent, ill-mannered, unhealthy person. Instead of honoring people, but rather defying the rights of human beings, defeating and undermining people, suddenly burns cigarettes in front of people, always have a 'dame care' attitude. They are really proud and hurt people. Being proud and hurt to people is forbidden in all religions. And those who are proud and hurt people, no one loves them.

The government urges the government to increase the tax on tobacco to protect the current and the next generation not just from tobacco related health, but also to protect against tobacco-related social, environmental and economic losses.

They said that even though the price of essential commodities increased every year, the prices of tobacco products are not growing at all.

Financial loss

Smoking causes great waste of hard earned money. The deposit of Allah was burnt to the fire.

(1) Every year millions of rupees are spent in the harmful sector.
(2) How many people are being proletariated to treat the disease caused by smoking.
(3) Smoking is like a fire, the fire of millions of rupees every year in the fire and numerous hearts (heart) of God's people are being destroyed.

Associate topics to quit

(1) Smoking is forbidden, so intend to give up.
(2) Improving the harmful effects of smoking and making all members of the family informed about it.
(3) Make a strong commitment to quit smoking and leave the association of smokers.
(4) Trying to understand more than the Qur'an and doing more good deeds.
(5) Always try to use a messwalk.
(6) Take the help of the smoking prevention clinic if necessary.
(7) Finally, it is necessary to understand that if you start smoking again, then there will be great danger. Rather, if it feels a bit sad after giving up, it will be removed soon, InshaAllah

There is no shortage of smoky in Sa'di Arabia, after the arrival of many Arab brothers in the car, they immediately drop the bidi-cigarette after throwing it, Alhamdulillah But if any one of our country is celebrated, then he will get cigarettes - rather you will misunderstand, say bad things.
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