Thursday, January 10, 2019


By presenting some dishonest businessmen and mischief-makers, freelance sex and pornography, currently creating the worst fears among the Muslims. They are declaring war with the injunction of Allah and His Messenger by publishing very harmful and serious pornographic magazines, magazines and magazines. They are calling people on the pages of these newspapers and sexually obscene pornography and sexually transmitting pornography. Figures have shown that these newspapers are promoting the activities of mischief, wickedness, sexual immorality, and the preaching of Allah and His Messenger's forbidden deeds and insinuating these things.

Some of their obscene and sinful deeds are as follows:

1. Print nude photographs on leaflet and magazine pages and inner pages.

2. Provide feminine beauty in a beautiful manner.

3.Bad vocabulary, non-liberation poetry and verse are printed, which is destroying the Muslim & others people’s.

4.Love pornography, naked hero-heroes, singer-songwriting pictures and newsprint.

5.These newspapers have been openly open to evict public unrest, free intercourse for women and curtains.

6. Emotional women in naked naked dresses, encouraging women to lead them to nakedness, insinuation and wickedness.

7. These newspapers publish hugs and kisses in the neck of men and women.

8. The writings and articles of these journals awaken the youthful sexual desire of young people, and they fall prey to destruction, deviation, wickedness, misdeeds, and love of wrongdoing and push themselves towards destruction.

How many youths, young women, who have been deviated from normal life and religion after being inspired by love, have no life. These journals are moving away from the consciousness of many people, the rules and regulations of Shari'ah and the healthy normal fundamental instincts. Because these magazines are spreading evil in the minds of intellect and thinking, many people are transgressing sins, sins and transgressing Allah.

The main thing is that the main element of these newspapers is to capitalize on the woman's love by spreading the woman's desires and committing business in an unlawful way, treating Allah's forbidden things as lawful, depicting the believing women, pushing the Islamic society into an animal where there is no prohibition of good deeds and evil deeds. The beautiful, holier and balanced balance of Allah is the application of Shariah. At present, these situations can be noticed in many societies, even the situation has reached such a stage that the free sex of homosexuality and men's and women's men have become normal.

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