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Today I want to hear about your life before and after starting my hijab. I was a 20-year-old Muslim girl born in the Arabian Gulf region-in the early homeland of Islam. I believed that the hijab was not an important thing. Even if my mother used to wear hijab, she did not force me or my sister to read it. He thought the work should be self-motivated, or else we would leave the hijab out of its cover. I think the idea is somewhat correct.
Or when we grow up, the hijab reading will seem very difficult to us. Because it is very difficult to get used to it all the time and then suddenly it can be very difficult to change it. It takes a long time to change the mind. However, I loved to represent myself beautifully because I was very interesting to see. And that was the most difficult part. I loved buying expensive costumes, and I liked to decorate myself with them. I used to enjoy everybody looking at me and specifically marked me. I love to hear the praise - my daughter is beautiful beautiful

After the completion of my secondary level education, I decided to go to America for higher education. There I noticed an issue which I have never seen before. It is Muslim society and community. This is a remarkable society which is practicing Islam with the ideal Muslims, in a different way than I am used to. Muslims in the Arab Gulf region were born as Muslims. They do not have to ask any questions because everything is very obvious. We did not have to worry about our own beliefs and how to believe in God, because we grew up as Muslims and all around us were Muslims. We did not have any idea about the nature of true Islam and how it feels to live in a mixed society with all kinds of religions. I realized that the people of the Gulf did not practice pure religion, which was a mixture ofreligion and culture. I discovered - many, which I thought was Islamic, actually have cultural beliefs and they are often the worst mistakes I found out that pure Islam is not what we grew up in, but it was full of meaningless, which is part of our culture for a long time. The source of pure Islamic education is only Quran and Sunnah.

When American people came to know that I was a Muslim, they always asked me questions about Islam. Most of the time I could not answer them. As a result, I started to do Islamic books and internet bazaars, and I wanted to learn pure Islam - hope to know pure Islam. My condition was like someone who never heard of Islam before. I learned a lot of things which I did not know before. I started going to the mosque and started to talk to many brothers and sisters about Islamic and take part in the discussion. I can swear that in my own country, I never went to a mosque and did not think about it. Although there were thousands of mosques in my country. Without me, all the sisters in the mosque would be wearing hijab. Other than me, all were American. They were very generous about me and I respected them so much. I started thinking about it forever and had a lot of dream about reading my hijab. I suddenly started experiencing a strange feeling - and instead of looking at someone looking at me, I felt resentful. I felt like a picture of myself which had no brain or heart. Finally, I decided to start the hijab. This is the greatest decision taken in my life. For the first time in my life, I felt that I am a strong man. I work according to what I believe. I do not care what the people around me say about me or look at me.

The first day after the reading of the hijab was the most beautiful. I have never felt as happy and liberal as I did on that day. And it was incredible for friends and relatives that I could do it and everyone said that it would not last long for me. Perhaps their guess is one of the many factors that still help me to continue reading the hijab. I had to fight for myself because of this. I always love this world's life and I want to enjoy it best. But the time had come to stop him and I did it. After some days everyone started looking at me with respect as they have never seen before. Everyone started to believe me so deeply that they knew that I was a godly person. This concept was born in the midst of them? -Hijab

I can go anywhere and no one looks at me like I am a picture or dead body. However, I still wear beautiful clothes and dress up, when I was just in my sisters and it was more fun-clean entertainment .

I believe that Allah has compulsory Hijab to help us, to make our life easier. It helps a respectable bridge between men and women. Besides, it is a matter of giving up its beauty to itself and to those whom Allah has permitted only. It is a symbol of all other religions that I am a Muslim Just as the Jews take a small cup on their heads and Christians cross later. None of them feel ashamed to read it publicly. No human has a bad idea about this.

A girl becomes a hijab to prevent it from falling into a false or unlawful act. The woman who falls in the hijab is so determined that she can do anything and face any problem in the way of life. Everyone around you will believe in you because you believe in yourself. Do not you know that your external aspects are very important? Do not you know it very valuable? You do not need anybody to tell you that beautiful, because you know it. And you do not need anybody to look at you in such a way that you do not have a beautiful picture, because you are a man.

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