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Trust in Allah is a great matter in Islam. Its importance and dignity are immense. No servant can pass a moment except in the case of Allah. It is also an important worship. Because through this the relationship with Tauhid of Allah is deep and deep. 
Allah says:

And rely on the living being (Allah), who will never die. "[ Furqan-58]

 Hereafter, to rely on God from the heart. The slave will hand over all his affairs to Allah. In faith, it will assure that no one else has the right to be given without giving, benefiting and benefiting only one person.

Allah inspired many believers to Tawakkul and mentioned many verses in the Holy Qur'an. He mentioned his dignity and outcome. Allah says:

If you are a believer then put your trust in Allah. "[Maida - 23]
Believers should rely solely on God. " [ Tattah-51]
Whoever trusts in Allah, He will be sufficient for him. "[ Al-Baqarah 3]
When you will, you will rely on Allah. Surely Allah loves those who trust. "[Al-A'amr-159]

With the trust here, it has been said to fear Allah. And it involves the contents of all the points directed. So, rather than resorting to the instrument, or just not working, only the great type of inability to sit on trust - though it is available in Tawakkul. Therefore, it is not for a servant to convert the burden into helplessness or transform the helplessness into confidence. Rather, he will have confidence in the tools he will adopt.

Anyone who associates with Allah should fall from the sky, then the bird snatched it, or the wind took him away and cast it to a distant place. "( Hajj-31).

He who suffices on Allah, is sufficient for him. "( Al-Baqarq: 3).

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