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Allah is everywhere.Allah is in all things and in all. Everything, the whole creation world is a part of God.
If we think of a common sense - surely Allah is everywhere, otherwise he sees everything, listen to what? Since there was nothing but Allah before creation, surely Allah has created a whole universe with all of His creation. It may be that, in fact, everything is a part of God, we are actually in God's place, this world is a mere illusion created in our mind.
abal al-Din-Suyuti, a science professor of 9th century, has made this concept a little clearer in God's view. Like them, there is nothing else other than Allah. The creation world is no different. All is Allah. They say, why do you worship anything around? God is between you, me and all. What to do outside of worship? You can worship yourself more than that - because you yourself are Allah. Allah gave a portion of His Spirit to mankind, when He created Adam from clay. A part of that spirit still remains among the people. Man's work is worshiping Allah and going to the highest level of meditation and becoming one with the Spirit of Allah. Those who can go to this high level can do many mystical work.

This science of Einstein is taught in our science book, which means:

In the universe the power can not be created or destroyed, only the energy is converted into matter and the material is transformed into energy.It is shirk, because neither energy nor universe is indestructible. Allah created the power and Allah will destroy everything in the universe one day.

Allah is the Creator of all things and He is the King of all things. (Quran : 39:62)
Everything in the world will be destroyed. (Quran : 55:26)

So shirk is something to think of something indestructible. Only Allah is indestructible.

The correct idea about Allah

In the Qur'an, there are many verses for the correct concept of Allah, such as:

There is nothing to compare to him. (Quran: 42:11).
There is no such thing to compare with him. (Quran: 112: 4).
They will never be able to absorb him in their knowledge. (Quran: 20: 110).

If we could have any idea about God, then it would not have been any other creator but it was something that we saw in front of something that we have seen before, because humans can not imagine anything that they have never seen before. As you can see, there are scientific fiction in which aliens are shown as octopus, with hands and feet like humans; If not, then it is seen that there is an animal which is mixed with a tail like cow's hide, cow's horn, crocodile; Whether there is any animal near the people made of light; Otherwise, no organism like the Plasma. People can never imagine anything outside of which they have never seen before. All his imagination is from the previous experience.

Logical evidence -: If two things exist, then the argument is that the thing is either between two or the other, or the things are two different from each other. So, when Allah creates the world of creation, He has created it inside it, or created it apart from Him. Now the first possibility is illogical because it means that Allah, who is an infinite and unlimited power and quality, has a part within him that is not limited to infinite, that there is imperfection and error. So, in the usual way, the second possibility is correct - the world of creation is different from God or different. We can never imagine how different or different this is, because this concept is different from us or is different in this three-dimensional world.

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