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A. Prohibition of alcohol in the Quran
O people who believe! Wine and gambling, playing dice, and knowing about the arrogance of arrows, these are the worst kind of evil acts of the devil. Avoid them so that you can advance in the way of the better (humanity). (Quran: 5:90)

B. The prohibition of alcohol in the Bible
1. The wine is a deceiver, a drunk pot, a tearful worker, and the one who is accustomed to it is immersed in it. (Biblical Motto, Key Book: 20-1)

2. Do not be drunk with alcohol. (Ephesians 5: 14)

C. Alcohol inhibits conscience
There is a consideration center in the human brain. This consideration center interrupts people from doing all those things, which they consider as bad. As a person usually uses disrespectful language while speaking to his parents and elders. If he ever has to respond to natural calls (the tuber's urine), his mind will prevent him from doing this work in public. That's why he uses the secret place.

When people drink alcohol, the center of this mindset of this mind becomes stagnant (ie obstructing itself). The drunken person is seen to be behaving abnormally. Its specific reason is that. Just as drunk people are seen talking insanely, even if they keep talking to their parents. Because then he is not able to understand his mistake. Many people get drunk in their clothes. Neither can he speak properly, nor can he walk straight on foot.

D Fornication, rape, forced sex with absolute souls, all these things are found in alcoholics more.

According to the National Victimization Survey Bureau of Justice statistics of the US National Department of Justice, only 271 rape cases were collected on average every day in 1996, according to the report's comments that most of the rapists were drunk during the incident, they were found more in case of women abuse.

The same statistics show that 8% of American mothers and sisters are involved in sexual acts. That is, an American of every twelve or thirteen is accustomed to this activity and one or both of them are both drunk in the meantime. In the case of AIDS, the role of drugs in the form of ears and head (ie, ear tension head), so drug addiction is deadly and deadly disorder.

E. Every drug addiction, people are the first to drink alcoholic beverages

Many will adopt liquor party and say, if the brother is a little bit more in party-environment, it feels good. That's where we ran One or two We have the power to control ourselves, we never get drunk, etc.

The result of long search is that every alcoholic drunk was a drinker at the primary stage. No one could even find that drinking alcohol started to be drunk or drunk. On the other hand, a non-alcoholic drinker can not say that we have eaten one or two in a similar way for a long time. No day exceeded the level. And I did not even taste what it feels like being drunk.

F. If anyone has done a shameful act of shame once in his life, he will be confined to the last day of his life.

Suppose, a non-social social drinker, was once drunk to lose control of his life. And on that day there was a sexual harassment accident on rape or abduction by someone. Later, if he is sorry for that work, apologizing for forgiveness and forgiveness, a healthy and natural person will have to suffer the sadness of those memories all the time - the person who has done it and on whom it has happened - this irreparable and irreversible damage to the world. There will be suffering.

G The prohibition of alcohol in the hadith

The Prophet (s) said:

1. Wine is the most shameful of all evil and indecencies, and in all its filth. Tsunam ibn Majah chapter 30 Hadith No. 3371

2. All those who are addicted to it are forbidden (prohibited). Even if it's taken a small amount. So there is no discount in this case. It's a dawn or a drum.

3. It was narrated from Aishah that the Prophet (s) said, Allah's curse on the ten classes of people who are involved with alcohol.

(1) Those who make it
(2) Those for whom it is made
(3) Those who drink it.
(4) Those who carry it carry them from one place to another
(5) For whom it is brought
(6) Those who serve it
(7) Those who sell it
(8) Those who use it to sell it
(9) Those who buy it and
(10) For those who buy it for another.
G Diseases that cause alcoholism are affected

In the case of medical science, the origin of several such diseases has become clear which diseases are usually affected by alcoholism. Wine is one of the reasons, because of which the death toll is highest in the whole world. Millions of people are forced to leave the earth for the sake of drinking alcohol. Generally, a small list of some of the most known diseases that are known to be affected by alcoholism

1. Stomach liver or liver dry up Which is known as liver cirrhosis.
2. Acne cancer and head, throat, liver and stomach cancers.
3. Pancreas and liver inflammation
4. Allergic reactions, Heart Dysfunction, Hyper Tension
5. All blood vessels of blood circulating in the heart, allergic reactions, melanoma and heart failure.
6. Paralysis, paralysis, and other paralysis.
7. Nerves and brain diseases.
Many more such names - those named in Bangla are very difficult to name. That's why the list is endorsed here too.

J. Drug addiction is a disease

Medical scientists now reached the final conclusions about alcoholics. They do not call it anymore, it's itself a disease. 'Islamic Research Foundation' has released a poster, it has been said that if there is 'alcohol' disease then this is the only disease in the world which is sold in a beautiful bottle.

1. It is advertised through publicity such as newspapers and radio televisions.
2. Import revenues for the government.
3. Due to death, there is a public road.
4. The real culprits of family life and crime trends

Wine is not just a disease - it is the devil's cure

Allah bestows His best favor on mankind, in the Qur'an, the devil's page warns us about this tempting trap. Therefore, in the process of living in the Qur'an, the 'dinul fathra' or human nature's living system is called 'Islam'. The real purpose of all its prohibition is to protect human nature from all evil. Wine does not allow humans to stand on its genuine nature. This is as true to a person as a person, and even in a larger society. It brings down man to animal level, but people claim that he is the best in the world. Above all, alcohol is completely prohibited in Islam 

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