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Poverty and abundance are two opposite words, but in human life, two are involved in darkness and light. This is the rhythmic presence of abundance, and after some time the unpredictable of poverty. For some, the palatial beauty house. There is a huge assortment of all kinds of tools. 
Again, some people have to work hard to break the bones, but there is no guarantee of two quarters of rice. The situation of the two worlds is the creation of the wise son of the grandfather. Probably the main mystery of the creation of two unequal sections of worship Poor one patience. Both are specially worshiped by Allah. Both of them are the sunshine system to achieve the proximity of the great Lord Almighty. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

The matter of the believer is very surprising. Everything in it is good for him, and it is for the sole believer. If his happiness comes, prosperity is achieved, then express gratitude. This is good for him. Again, if a bad day comes when poverty is attacked, it can be beneficial for him by being patient (Muslim: 7425).

What is needed to realize is that this wealth is not the crop of its own achievement, but it is the source of the mercy and will of the Most High. So firstly he must be grateful to him wholeheartedly. Under no circumstances will he be forgotten. Do not show disdain for his prohibition. His will will be preferred to his will. He has to dissolve his will to his claim. Allah Said :

Do not let the Believers forget your wealth and children to neglect you from the remembrance of Allah. Those who are unnecessary because of this, they are the victims (Quran : Munafiqun-9).

It is clear from the verse that the people are afraid that wealth will turn people away from Allah, so believers should be ever alert. It can not be any kind of asset to isolate him from his creator. The wealth of wealth can not suppress the claim of Allah. And that is possible only when the wealthy person will have knowledge of this wealth as the grace of Allah.

Regarding Allah's command concerning wealth, keep trying hard to keep them in your place and keep in mind that the speed should not change due to the abundance. Do not spend money in an unlawful and unethical way. Rather, the command of Allah should be kept in the right place. Allah said,

The rights of their property are entitled and the deprived ones. (Gariyat-19).

To understand the issues that will be helpful in observing the order of Allah at this stage. And it is to remember the goodness of the expenditure of the expenditure of the expenditure of the Qur'an and Sunnah, and the evil consequences of quarreling without spending. Allah said :

Believers have been successful, those who are humble in their prayers, who are in vain discourse, who pay Zakah. (Muminun: 1-4).

And those who accumulate gold and silver and do not spend in the way of Allah, give good tidings to their tyrannical chastisement, on the day the fire will be heated in the fire, and with it their foreheads, sides, and backs will be burnt. (And it will be said) that you have stored them for yourself. So taste it and keep it stored. (Towba: 35).

By expressing sympathy:

A common thoughtful person can see the scene when he looks at the current situation.

Due to poverty, it is often seen that a large portion of the population is starving for half an hour.

* A notable part is death without any treatment.
Because of poverty, struggling to survive by selling chastity to the most honorable mother society. The most hated act of prostitution is a significant part of the profession. As a result, the death of syphilis, severe adipose with the Gangetic AIDS, is increasing with the highest degree of humanism.

* Based on the interest-based domestic and international organizations, the lot is seen in the public. Not being able to pay the interest payment, selling the soil in the house and being involved in the homeless is also seen as many.

* The news has been published in the newspapers because some people are taking immunity on the basis of faith.

* At this opportunity, many international forums called poverty reduction, in the name of help of various names in the country opening up the name of the development of non-consensual development. As a result, being studied in the name of culture is nudity, obscenity and misbehavior. In the name of free culture, sexually oriented movies, fashion shows, concerts etc are taking place through centuries of civilized culture, tradition, modesty, vulgarity, and shamelessness.

Capitalizing on poverty reduction slogans, the name of the business of interest is the present day interest. In order to pay the installments, the poorest of the poor and the poor people gradually become calm and the opportunity to build the mountains of abundance is the greedy forum. Capitalizing poverty, the name of the expansion of the education, in their religious beliefs, is condemning thousands of Muslim children. Therefore, the child who was supposed to be human was inspired by the love of God, the faithful believing Muslim, the child is the name of modern and the atheist, the atheist in the name of modernism. As a result, a huge opportunity to build a permanent residence in our country is a great power of supremacy. If this trend continues, we will see in the near future that we are Muslims in our own country. In a word, due to poverty today, our faith and freedom are threatened. Let's take a look at the current situation of our country. Due to poverty, due to various wrong and unfair demands of the government, the government has to help and take loans, the government can not independently manage the state according to the needs of the people. The pressure of donors on the other hand, the demand of the public on the other side, the government is seen to be embarrassed often. Due to the demands of the donors, the people became angry with the people, the dissolution of the people increased, the government decided against the public, due to the determination of the people to prevent the development of obstruction and obstacles. Law and order deterioration occurs. Result of creating anarchic situation in the intermediate session failed state.

Recently, the government of Bangladesh has to take strict vigil against religious organizations and personalities spreading some unusual incidents. As a result, unrest among the allies was created. The crackdown about the government's popularity decreased.

In addition, various acts of sabotage increased. The government has to face pressure. The need to support the foreign community is felt if the ABA votes go. As a result, the argument and demand of slavery is strengthened so that the anti-Islam roles should be taken more forcefully. The government has to give such a slave to the government under obligation. As a result, the road to development of Islamic values ​​will be further narrowed. Such examples apply to all the world's Muslim poor states. And at the core of this, there is a significant role in poverty. The whole thing is being obstructed due to poverty Our Independent Values Due to poverty today our domestic and religious identity threatens. Therefore, it will be very costly to delay the effective steps taken by the human and religious values. Under such circumstances, wealthy people can play a significant role in preventing this mistake. They will get food without getting help from their sympathy.

Allah has enjoined the same zakat in the wealth of the wealthy Muslims, which is enough to meet the needs of their poor. The hardships of the poor Muslims are having trouble and having niceties. This made them rich. Listen, Allah will make their account difficult, and punish them with a painful punishment.

If the Hadith clearly shows that there is no poverty among the Muslims, if they earn Zakat properly. What is the most important example of this horoscope in Zakat's role in poverty reduction? May Allah give us all the responsibility to fulfill our responsibilities.

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