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Allah clarifies: "The unseen of the unseen is with him, none knows except Him." [Quran An-Anam: 59] "Say, in the heavens and on the earth, no one knows the invisible in the heavens and the earth." [Quran: An-Naml: 65]

Whatever astrology says or whatever is in the book of astrology, if someone believes in the prophecies given in his zodiac, he directly disbelieves (disbelief). Because the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "One who came to the predecessor and believed in what he said, what was revealed to Muhammad, he disbelieved." [ Abu Dawood vol.3, p.1095, no.3895]

In this hadith narrated earlier in the hadith narrated earlier, it is equally applicable to astrologers. Both claim to possess the knowledge of the future. Astrologers claim that ordinary people like to oppose tauhid. He claims that the personality of human beings is determined by the stars and their future activities and the significant events of their lives are recorded in the stars. The common man claims that the structure of the orphan's palm on the floor of a cup of tea leaves the same thing. In both cases they claim the ability to interpret the knowledge of the invisible in the real form of the objects created.

Testing of beliefs and zodiac signs in astrology is clearly against the teachings and beliefs of Islam. That is the true empty and empty soul that has not taken the taste of authentic faith (faith) and searches for these paths. Essentially, these roads are symbols of a futile attempt to get rid of the predicted destiny. The ignorant people think that if they know what their fate is tomorrow, they can prepare for it from today. In the same way they can be able to avoid bad luck and can confirm the good.

However, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has been told by Allah:

"Say, I have no right over my own goodness except what Allah pleases. If I had known the invisible, I would have gained great advantage and no harm touched me. I am only warning and good news for the believers. "[Quran:Al-Aaraf: 188]

Thus, true Muslims are morally obliged to stay far away from all these fields. Similarly if there is a zodiac sign on the ring, neck rate etc., it should not be worn, even if no one believes in it. This is part of a fabrication process which should extend to disbelief and leave it completely. It should not be a question of whether a believer should have a zodiac sign or try to disguise his emotions. Newspaper by a man or woman

To read or read the zodiacal columns is not appropriate. If a Muslim uses astrological forecasts to determine his activities, then he should apologize to God and renew his faith on Islam.

Let God bless us all with shirk and disbelief. Amin

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