These 4 rules must be taken into account while disciplining and defeating a child.
The Prophet said, "If your children are 7 years old, then direct the prayer. If you do not pray if you are 10 years of age, then you will be beaten and ruled.According to the Islamic law according to this hadith, it is understood that children can rule in governance. But there are some principles in this rule. Parents must be observed. The rules are given below.

1. Small children can not be beaten under 10 years. They can be hit on a small back. But it can not be done strictly. In recent times, parents see that they are too hard to study for younger children. This can not be done because because of this age, there is no benefit to beating children, because their understanding has not increased. Therefore, it is important to take care of this rule. The child is likely to be mentally ill.

2. Children can not be overly beaten if they are more than 10 years old. Many parents and teachers are seen to beat the children when they start beating them unnoticed. It can not be done. Umar issued a number of non-lean in his empire. For the sake of any teacher rule, the children do not beat with more than 3 sticks. If he is beaten more then he will have to answer Allah.

3. In no event, the face of the child and shame cannot be hit. In most cases, if the parents and teachers screw the face when the children go wrong, they cannot be treated as such. The Prophet said, "If one of you needs to beat, he should beat and keep the face while beating. If someone is fighting in the battle, it is not hurt to hit the enemy in the fight.

4. The child can not be beaten in a situation where he is absent. You can not hurt due to child's wrongdoing that may cause anger inside you. If you hit him in a rugged state, he will be punished. Allah has forbidden injustice directly to Allah. Therefore, the child can not be beaten in a rugged position.