Before this as a guidance to the people and he has sent down the discrimination. Surely those who deny the signs of Allah shall have a server punishment. And Allah is mighty possessor of the power to requite (Al Imran: 5) . All praise belong to Allah  who created the heavens and the earth and brought into being every kind of darkness and light yet those who disbelieve set up equals to their Lord (An’am: 2).

They would surely say,`Only our eyes are dazed rather we are a bewitched people. And We have indeed made mansions of stars in the heaven and have adorned it for beholder. And we have protected it against every rejected saiten. But if any one hears stealthy , there purses him a bright flame. And the earth have we spread out and set therein means of livelihood and also for all those for whom you do not provide. And there is not a thing but with us are the treasure thereof and we send it not down except in a known measure. And we send impregnating winds then we send down water from the clouds then we give it to you to drink and you are not the ones to store it up (Hijor: 16-23).

We have created above you seven heavens lying one above the other and we are never neglectful of the creation. And we send down water from the sky according to measure  and we caused it to stay in the earth and surely it is. We who determine its taking away. And we produced for you thereby gardens of date-palms and vines for you therein and abundant fruits and of them you eat. And a tree which springs forth from mount Sinai, it produces oil and a sauce for those who eat (Muminun: 18-22). Allah alternates the night and the day. Therein surely is a lesson for those who have eyes (Nur: 45).Blessed is he who has send down the discrimination to his servant that he may be a Warner to all the worlds (Furkan: 2).May, we hurry the truth as false hood and it breaks its head and it perishes. To him belongs whosever is in the heavens and the earth. And those who are in his presence do not disdain to work ship him not do they weary (Ankabut: 19-20).Such is the knower of the unseen and the seen, the mighty, the merciful. Who has made perfect everything he has created. And he began the creation of man from clay.  Then he made his progeny from an extract of an insignificant fluid. Then he fashioned him and breathed into him of his sprit and he has given you ears and eyes (Sazdah: 7-10).

Says,`He who created them the first time will quicken them and he knows every kind of creaton full well.  He who produced for you free out of the green tree and behold you kindly from it. Has not, He who created the heavens and the earth the power to create the like of them? Yes and he is indeed the supreme creator the all knowing. Verily his commend when he intends the thing is only that he says it it be and it is. So holy is he, in whose hand is the kingdom of all things and to him will you all be brought back (Yasin: 80-83).
If Allah had desired to take to himself a son. He could have chosen whom he pleased out of what he creates. Holy is he! He is Allah, the one, the most supreme. He created the heavens and the earth in accordance with the requirement of wisdom. He makes the night to cover the day and he makes the day to cover the night and he has pressed the sun and the moon the service each pursues its course until an appointed time (Jumer : 5-69).Who has created death and life that he might try you which of you is best in deeds and he is the mighty the most forgiven.   Who has created seven heavens in harmony. No incongruity can see in the creation of the gracious Allah. Then look again see thou any flaw? Aye look again and yet again the sight will only return unto the confused and fatigued (Mulk: 3-5).Best life plan quote for refer all kind of problems will be easily solved.