Wahhab bin Monabihu (RA) was asked, 'La ilaha illallah' is not the key to heaven? He replied, "Of course. But there is no key to the teeth. If you bring the key with the tooth [1] you will open the door (paradise) for you. Otherwise it will not be opened for you.
Reported to Abu Jar (Gifari) (R) He said, "Allah's Apostle said: A stranger [Jibril (peace be upon him)] came to me from my Lord or told me that he gave me good news, that in my Ummah, a person who dies without being associated with Allah will be in Paradise Will enter. I said, even though she committed adultery and even though she stole it? He said: Even though she has committed adultery and even though she has committed adultery and even though she stole it. [2] (1408, 238, 3222, 5827, 6268, 6443 6444, 7487, Muslim 1/40, hah 94, Ahmad 217171) (Modern Publication: 1158, Islamic Foundation: 1165)
Narrated by al-Baraa bin'Azib. He said, "The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has instructed us about seven things and prohibited us from seven matters." He gave us instructions
1. To follow the funeral,
2. Find the person who is ill, to take the news,
3. To accept Dawood Datara's invitation,
4. To help Ma'lumam,
5. To disobey the oath,
6. Answer to salam and
7. To convince the nervous (Yarihumuollah).

And he has forbidden-
1. Silver plate [1],
2. Gold ring,
3. Silk,
4. Dewaj,
5. Kassi (cotton silk),
6. To use Istirbrak (Tasar National Silk). [2]
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